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    Introducing 7mm Rubber Pads for Paving and Decking

    June 5th, 2016

    If your construction project is facing problems due to a restricted height threshold but still needs to raise paving or decking to a level which offers sufficient drainage, Wallbarn’s introduction of a new rubber pad for paving could offer the ideal solution.

    Our new 7mm thick rubber disc for paving complete with integrated spacing lugs has been designed to lift paving/decking off the surface by 7mm, making it ideal for retro-fit projects and areas with very low height thresholds.

    Tough & Durable

    Our 7mm rubber pads are extremely tough and durable and offer the significant benefits of not becoming brittle in cold weather. They are absolutely ideal for any area 7mm Rubber Discs For Decking and Pavingwhere a tight height threshold is present, for example, on refurbishment projects.

    In certain circumstances it may be easier to simply overlay the existing surface with a new layer of suspended paving or decking rather than take everything up, and with the 7mm discs this is possible.

    Effective Drainage Properties

    The upper surface of the pad contains drainage channels which run out to the edges of the circular disc, meaning that rainwater will drain off the upper surface of the disc effectively.

    The plastic positioning lugs are incorporated into the pad as they plug into a small hole in the centre of the pad or disc. This ensures that the paving slabs are clearly separated from each other with regular spacing between them, and are held securely in place.

    Suitable For Paving & Decking

    The 7mm disc is suitable for use with paving slabs and also timber decking. The TD headpiece has side bars 60mm apart, meaning a standard 2” / 50mm wide timber joist can be placed between the bars. The joists will form a framework structure for the decking system and the decking planks are fixed to that framework.

    The product is sold as a two part unit, the rubber disc and positioning lug (available for either paving or timber decking) supplied together.

    Since the discs are made from rubber, they have a soft, flexible, hard wearing, non-slip profile; which means they protect the membrane beneath from damage. Rubber will also offer acoustic properties and create a separation layer from the deck.

    No Mechanical Fixing Required

    As with all the Wallbarn supports range there is no mechanical fixing required, the surface is secured by the weight of the slab. This cuts down weight on the roof and also the hassle and mess of laying slabs into mortar. This leads to easier, cheaper and faster installation and makes post-installation site inspection or leak detection much easier.

    For more information on this innovative new product, please visit the dedicated area on the site by clicking on the following link – https://www.wallbarn.com/products/roof-and-terrace-finishes/wallbarn-7mm-rubber-pads-paving-decking/