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All waterproofing protection boards have one thing in common – they need to provide reliable protection for waterproofing membranes. Without a protection board, materials used to waterproof perimeter concrete or masonry walls can be easily damaged during backfill operations. Fibre cement protection boards are heavy, hard to handle, expensive or time-consuming to apply, while extruded polypropylene packaging sheet needs nails to secure in place. We can supply you with a protection board called the Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board that is a lightweight, tough board, to satisfy the demand for a protection board that is put in place quickly and provides durable protection for the membrane.

Protection boards such as waterproof membranes can help protect against numerous different types of damage & bring with them the benefits of being water resistant & having excellent impact resistance.

Protection boards bring with them a high resistance to moisture absorption & excellent cushioning properties which make them a great choice to assist with your waterproofing solutions. Protection boards are one of the toughest, most economical, weather resistant layers available.

Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board consists of layers of roofing felt saturated with bitumen and reinforced with glass and polyester fibre, providing a superior resistance while maintaining a sufficient degree of flexibility for normal site usage. One side is covered with an anti-stick polyethylene film.

It is very light, tough and easy to install. Because it has one side covered in film, it can be laid against surfaces not normally compatible with bituminous membranes.

Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board is ideal for installation onto vertical surfaces. The exposed bituminous side can be heated and stuck to the vertical surface very easily, providing an excellent bond before backfilling these boards have a great deal of strength and durability. They can tolerate heavy construction traffic on horizontal surfaces and on vertical applications have high resistance to ground settlement, concrete pour and mechanical damage during backfilling. It can be easily cut with a sharp knife and shaped around particular details. The boards can be butted together and sealed at the edges with bituminous tape, if required.

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