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grafterWith the constant progression of urban growth and increased levels of density in cities across the world have created, and continue to create, “urban jungles”. Such a concentration of structures and people can often lead to a sense of oppression, stark, noisy, unnatural blocks of concrete and glass.

Aerial shorts of cityscapes show up vast swathes of flat roof and concrete decks – empty, ugly, impermeable wasted space.

How do we address this problem?

With Green Roofs

Green roofs and living walls are a great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and podium decks.  They have considerable benefits, some not always considered by developers; follow the link to see the benefits.




Our green roof products & services include:


modular extensive green roof systems pre-grown onto small, easily module trays with all necessary components installed and established


lower level greening systems with sedum, wildflowers and bespoke mixes of plants, for lower weight roofs and terraces


heavier roof garden systems with deeper levels of substrate, more diverse planting schemes and higher maintenance


low nutrient build-up of substrate and filtration layers with native seed and plants introduced into the substrate at the time of construction


low nutrient build-up of substrate and filtration layers which is left to self-germinate and vegetate from windblown and bird lime seed dispersal


full design, install and maintenance services offered for vertical vegetation systems grown in heavy duty soil pockets complete with full life support systems, for natural building facades


large variety of plants, soil substrates, filtration and protection membranes, fixings, fertilizers, irrigation & control equipment available as additional items


available including advice on landscaping and horticultural as well as structural engineering aspects, planting schemes, irrigation, best practice and regulations


contracts available for long-term maintenance, monitoring and replacement of plants.


Training, seminars and presentations available.