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    Case Studies

    Wallbarn’s continued support of the YMCA project in Milton Keynes

    Green Roofs

    We’ve even moved the green roof for them!

    Wallbarn has been working with YMCA and Chris Bridgman of Bridgman and Bridgman in supplying our M-Tray® sedum and M-Tray® wildflower green roof systems to give residents of the YMCA a safe space for reflection and peace, and the ability to learn about horticulture and green roofing.

    It has been shown that the green roof space has improved mental health outcomes for the young residents, many of whom have special needs and have come from vulnerable backgrounds.

    Wallbarn M-Tray® was on the original green space on the Milton Keynes council office building, and when the new YMCA building the other side of the city was constructed, the M-Tray® panels were lifted up, placed onto pallets, craned off the roof, transported across the city and lifted into their new home. Proof if is was ever needed the flexibility of the modular “easy-on…easy-off” system.

    Julian Thurbin is pictured with the Mayor of Milton Keynes, who stated that a council plan to green up as many of the many flat roof spaces across the city is underway as part of Milton Keynes’ intention to create carbon negative cityscape.