MegaPro Software from Wallbarn

MegaPro Software from Wallbarn

MegaPro is an estimating software which allows us to accurately calculate the correct quantity and size of pedestals required for your paving or decking project. It produces a schedule for us to generate a quotation from, and a visual plan to help the installer position the pedestals in the right place.

Ideally the client sends us a PDF or drawing of the deck space including certain details:

  • All changes in fall at each point across the roof
  • Steps, columns and other specific roof details
  • Position of drainage outlets
  • Slab size and thickness and lug spacing (gap between each slab)
  • For decking, the centres of the joist frame and thickness of decking board
  • The overall height from the deck to the upper surface

The software then calculates the distances and area (which can be edited if needed) and then generates the drawing and schedule.

The tool lists the exact number, height and product code of each pedestal required. It separates them by height and code creating a drawing of the exact layout at the same time. It colour-codes each pedestal type, creating an installer-friendly drawing that indicates exactly where to place each pedestal type.

MegaPro calculates the exact number of each height of pedestal and creates a schedule listing each product so that the estimator/buyer can cost the project accurately mitigating against over or under-ordering.

Commitment To Quality Design

Wallbarn has BIM objects for its entire product range meaning architects can select objects and ‘rehearse’ them in their projects. Once again demonstrating Wallbarn’s commitment to helping creators achieve ever-better design.

For more information, please contact us on Tel. No. +44 (0)208 916 2222 or email and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Recently Completed Projects

Transform roof terraces with hardwood decking

We wanted to tell you about a couple of recent projects where Wallbarn products have made a genuine difference. Check out the two case studies below:

Timber tiles rejuvenate penthouse roof terrace.

This project involved a penthouse apartment in Tonbridge Wells with a huge roof terrace. The existing deck which had become quite dilapidated needed complete refurbishment.

Read more here

iDecking is the ‘i-cing’ on the cake for this luxury new-build.

This project took place at a large luxury new-build in its own semi-woodland setting.

Read more here

Call the Wallbarn team to talk about a project on +44 (0)20 8916 2222 or email

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M-Tray®, EasyClick, Adjustable Support Pads, Outlets & Geotextile – All In Action

Everything required for this rooftop project in Wimbledon was provided by Wallbarn.

The client contacted us with some very tight deadlines.  A large green roof was needed to comply with planning rules. They also wanted a paved access area around the green roof and a decked terrace to be laid onto another outdoor space.

As Wallbarn supplies mature M-Tray® plant modules from stock, we were able to respond quickly to the client’s demands. The sedum plants contained within each module are mature and established, and therefore provide an instant green roof.

The waterproofed deck was covered with a geotextile fabric as a protection and separation layer.

The edges of the green roof were surrounded with an aluminium retaining bar to hold everything in place and give an attractive border detail.

The M-Tray® modules were supplied on pallets and fork-lifted onto the roof space. From there, they could be transported by sack truck, and then hand-carried before being slotted into place.
The superior connection clips mean that our trays can be installed very quickly, in this case, with all 200sqm of green roof being completed in a single day.
The second terrace area was covered with new iDecking EasyClick composite boards, mounted onto Wallbarn pedestals. The ingenious connection design meant that installation for this terrace was also extremely fast and there were no visible screws or fixings anywhere on the deck.

The client, Prestige Developments, was working to very tight deadlines. Thankfully we completed the project on schedule and in good time for the first residents to arrive. They now benefit from looking out onto a vibrant, living green roof.

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DIY Decking Screenshot

We’ve tidied up the main sections of our website making navigation easier and quicker.

We now have a whole host of useful online tools to help:

  • designers creating architectural drawings and specs
  • contractors estimating the exact number, height, position and cost of pedestals for roof decks and terraces
  • end users wanting to visualise their own decking areas

These tools include:

** NEW **

Deck Planner – visualise how your new deck will look and choose the right material for your installation
NBS Plus specification creator



Objects on the National BIM Library
Objects in the CAD Drawing section of the website
MegaPro estimating software for greater accuracy

For everything else just pick up the phone to the Wallbarn team on +44 (0)208 916 2222 or email

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Wallbarn Has Ocean Certification

Ocean Logo QMS|Ocean Logo EMS

Wallbarn is a company that has always taken the quality and environmental management aspect of our business very seriously. As such, we are both proud and delighted to announce that we have been granted ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditation from the hugely well respected Ocean Certification Limited.

We have always been a customer-focused company, constantly looking at ways to improve our service. But this now means we have been independently assessed and certified as running quality management and environmental systems, which we hope provides our customers with even greater reassurance when it comes to doing business with us.

What Does This Mean?

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Certification

All organisations strive for quality in everything they do, from how they produce their product or service to how they manage their relationships with customers. Achieving this in the real world is challenging and takes commitment to a structured process and continual improvement.

Part of the twenty-first century corporate gold standard, ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for quality management proficiency. Organisations who hold ISO 9001 are recognised in the UK and internationally for the exceptional quality of their management systems. This gives them a distinct advantage when seeking business partners, entering new markets and talking to potential large clients.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Certification

Today the environmental performance of a company is a primary concern to its stakeholders; it has now become a significant factor in companies’ commercial success or failure.

An Environmental Management System promotes commitment to a systematic approach to environmental protection and to a model of continuous improvement.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management proficiency. It is regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ by the widest possible range of audiences, from governments and corporate clients to individual consumers. This gives a significant commercial advantage to those implementing a UKAS accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management System with Ocean.

What Makes Ocean Certification So Important?

Ocean provide a professional and personal service because they believe in building strong relationships with clients to achieve the best certification outcome for clients increasingly looking for flexibility and responsiveness.

While Ocean continues to grow rapidly they remain small enough to provide a personal, customer-focused approach at a competitive price.

Their UKAS Accreditation provides complete assurance of the quality of our work and ensures that an Ocean Certificate of Registration will be widely recognised.

For more information relating to Ocean Certification Limited, please click here.

Contact Us

For more information about our listing or any of our products or services, please contact us on Tel. No. 0208 916 2222 and we will be happy to help.

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