Project Description

iDecking installation at luxury new build

Finchampstead, Berkshire

This project took place at a large luxury new-build in its own semi-woodland setting.

Check out our drone film of the completed project!

This project required about 115m² of decking, employing two distinct build-up methods. The majority was on a sensitive waterproofing membrane and the rest was on a steel framework which created a walkway around the outside of the building linking together different sides of the house.

Firstly, Wallbarn adjustable support pedestals were loose-laid onto the membrane. The iDecking aluminium rail system was then placed onto the pedestals. The EasyClick boards were then simply clicked into place. Using pedestals lifts the decking structure off the membrane allowing the free flow of rain water to outlets. And being adjustable the pedestals ensure a completely level deck on an otherwise falling roof surface.

The semi-woodland position of the house meant that any decking areas might be susceptible to shade, humidity, decaying foliage and other debris. This ruled out real-wood options which unlike composite flooring tend to be high maintenance.

iDecking was chosen above other products for three key reasons:

  1. As a system it is incredibly quick to install
  2. At the back of the house there was a very low roof-to-threshold height and the maximum height of our iDecking system is 53mm
  3. Our DURO Excellence boards, being made of rice husk and PVC, are completely water resistant whereas WPC (wood polymer composite) boards are not

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