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    Case Studies

    Coutts House, Douglas, Isle of Man


    Douglas, Isle of Man

    The area was flooded and had needed to be re-laid with waterproofing and a significant fall constructed into the deck to allow the often considerable amounts of rainwater to escape the roof deck.

    The contractor asked Wallbarn for a suitable but cost-effective solution so we recommended Wallbarn 9mm rubber supports along with levelling shims.

    The area was re-waterproofed in the inverted waterproofing method, the membrane is covered with rigid insulation boards and a loose laid geotextile fabric to act as a separation layer.

    High quality, sawn natural stone paving slabs were chosen to give a luxurious finish to this spectacular roof terrace.

    Coutts House, Douglas, Isle of Man

    They were loosely laid onto 9mm rubber supports which gave a uniform straight paving line across the roof and created a gap between each paving slab of 5mm, so rainwater could pass inbetween and beneath the suspended slab and towards the drainage outlet which can be created at the bottom of the slope of the deck.

    As the deck sloped towards the drainage outlet, levelling shims were installed on top of the 9mm rubber supports to achieve a level upper surface to the paving where the fall in the deck became evident. Levelling shims are available in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm thickness and are hooked over the lugs of the support pad to add height.

    These shims help to create a totally flat slabbed surface, which gives a much better quality finish.

    The contrast from how the roof terrace looked previously and after the slabs were laid was described as “amazing” by the end client, who was delighted by the results.

    Coutts House, Douglas, Isle of Man

    The contractor stated that Wallbarn support pads “….made an impossible task achievable….”The finish on the roof terrace, using high-quality stone paving slabs, was stunning. On a technical level, the roof deck performed brilliantly, and there were no further reports of standing water or flooding.

    We received a letter from the contractor who was delighted with our products.

    Coutts House, Douglas, Isle of Man