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Combating Stormwater Threat with Green Roofs

October 29th, 2019

A fascinating article in the Huffington Post recently highlighted the positive impact the installation of a green roofing system can have in regards to effectively combating excess rainfall.

Southern California has been exposed to one of the worse droughts on record and despite a little respite with rain beginning to fall, thoughts have turned towards implementing long term measures designed to help limit the negative impact of extreme weather. 

The article stated that:

“One of the best strategies for improving the city’s resilience and water efficiency is to mimic the way undisturbed environments receive rain and adjust the built landscape to reflect qualities found in nature. Prior to urbanization, the land that is now Los Angeles could easily absorb 95% of the rain that fell. Today, stormwater floods the city with polluted water–wreaks expensive havoc–and then disappears into the ocean.”

“Living roofs (aka green roofs) contribute to resilience in many other ways. Not only do they absorb and filter rainwater during storms, but they also reduce ambient temperatures during heat waves (which are projected to increase over the coming decades), through the process of natural evaporation.  Drought tolerant plants grown on the roof provide insulation in summer and winter, keeping living spaces comfortable and reducing energy costs. Green roofs also pull carbon dioxide out of the air; they actively absorb one of the agents driving climate change in the first place.”

To read the full article, please click here.

Wallbarn Green Roofing Systems

Wallbarn have specialised in the growth and installation of green roofing systems for many years and have actively promoted the wide-ranging benefits to our customers.

For more on the benefits of installing a green roofing system, please visit the dedicated area on our website by clicking here.

Along with offering wide-ranging environmental benefits, the green roofing products available from Wallbarn are also incredibly easy to install.