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    Did You Know That Green Roofs Can Help Reduce Your Energy Bill

    October 5th, 2022

    Sourced from the Pacific Daily News

    Urbanization has led to an increase of concrete spaces in Guam’s denser populated areas. These grey surfaces do not only look dull; they also promote stormwater runoff into our oceans because the concrete does not allow excess water to soak into the ground. Concrete spaces also heat up our neighbourhoods and tourist centres. Concrete roofs require a lot of maintenance and need to be water blasted to avoid algae growth.

    Imagine if we could green these surfaces with native plants and vegetables while preventing heat and algal buildup? It is possible! Researchers at the University of Guam found sustainable solutions in green roof infrastructure. There are many known benefits as to why installing a green roof is great for the planet, your community and yourself. Guam has great potential to be part of the green roof movement.

    Benefits for the community and the planet

    Green roofs reduce air and noise pollution in densely populated areas with high traffic. In addition, they absorb the heat surrounding buildings and roadways, creating a lower temperature for pedestrians and bikers, while mitigating the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide.

    Green roofs can absorb 50% to 80% of the rain and thus assist with stormwater management. In Tumon, stormwater runoff is a known problem. What if we could fix the stormwater runoff and feed tourists with vegetables grown on hotel and restaurant roofs at the same time?

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