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Do You Know Where Your Products Are Made?

July 30th, 2020

Any product used as part of a construction project needs to offer a guarantee of quality and durability.

With potentially catastrophic safety issues should any product fail to function once installed, it is absolutely essential that before purchasing a product, you are certain of its qualities.

Did You Know?

Inferior plastic will crack in sub-zero temperatures. So if your project requires the installation of decking supports or paving supports, what steps are you taking to ensure that you have a quality product?

Some manufacturers use fillers in order to save money – this can weaken the structural integrity of the pedestals but this is not the case with anything available from the Wallbarn product range. We do not cut corners and it is very important that you do not either when creating or retro-fitting a raised deck.

Our Megapads offer outstanding qualities and durability and are available in sizes ranging from 22mm to 120mm.

Safety Test Documentation

Do you have the required access to the safety test documentation for your required products? Our customers can request access to all the independently-verified technical data relating to any of our products.

High-Quality Decking Support Pedestals

The Wallbarn range of paving and decking supports are lightweight and easy to handle, helping to ensure a smooth installation but there has been no compromise in strength or durability to achieve this.

Amongst many other tests*, our products are temperature tested by an independent testing laboratory to ensure their continued functionality from temperatures ranging between -40°C and as high as +75°C.

Our robust range of decking and paving pedestals/supports are manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene and can tolerate loads of 683kg per unit Normal Weight Tolerance (end of linear behaviour) with a Maximum Load of 1171kg.

Offering proven durability, a project utilising our paving supports in Montreal in 2014 offers the perfect example. Exposed to extreme cold since their installation in 2014 and still working perfectly.

Offering Key Advantages

Our range of support pedestals share common features and benefits ensuring their quality and durability:

  • Achieve stunning finishes
  • Suspended system
  • Fully adjustable
  • Superior quality
  • Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking

*tests completed by an independent testing laboratory