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Enhancing Your Outdoor Space With Hardwood Decking

October 1st, 2015

Hardwood decking offers a superb way to enhance any home, garden or commercial property.

Decking, in general, has become much more popular in recent years and by using this innovative new system which has just been made available within the UK, installers can combine the simplicity and ease of use offered by slabs, with the aesthetics of natural timber in a fraction of the time that would be expected with standard systems.

We understand the environmental impact of some hardwood decking systems and the iDecking range has been developed specifically with this in mind.

Innovative New Decking System

The iDecking timber decking system is an innovative new decking system for outdoor and wood panelling which can be used to create your floor Enhancing Your Outdoor Space With Hardwood Decking garden, the pool, or in any case for any cabinet with the absolute minimum of fuss.

iDecking drastically reduce the need for periodic maintenance and is revolutionizing the field of decking and trim preventing and eliminating the problems of stability of both the wood composite materials.

Introduction of Innovative Materials

The mounting system of the flooring or coatings for exterior (decking) is simple and fast: you can remove one or more staves individually at any point of the flooring for exterior without the need for a screwdriver! And discover that their skins of grains of rice can produce flooring for outdoor most innovative, durable and eco-friendly exist.

The DURO Excellence line brings our signature composite material to the next level. It provides the most natural-looking and durable coloured decking boards available. The Virgin PVC and Rice Husk compound is coloured before extrusion, this helps to guarantee colour uniformity and grain consistency all the way through each board. This makes the decking boards colour much more resistant in case of scratches and fading if compared to stained ones.