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    Why Green Roof Installation Has Never Been Easier!

    December 1st, 2016

    Concerns regarding potential difficulties relating to the installation of green roofing systems are often high on the list of reasons why people have delayed turning to this highly beneficial solution for improving the qualities of their property.

    The introduction of a new and improved M-TRAY® during 2016 has ensured that the installation of a green roofing system has truly never been easier than it is right now. In fact, the installation is so easy, that you no longer need to turn to the skills of a landscaping contractor as with a little guidance, you will comfortably be able to install your very own green roofing system with the minimum amount of knowledge and effort.

    Easy To Handle

    Amongst the many improvements which have been made to the M-TRAY® system is the fact that the modules are now even easier to handle than before.

    With improved packaging and refined shape, one module can comfortably be carried by one person without the risk of the contents spilling out during the installation process.

    Simple Installation Process

    To complete the installation process, simply line up the M-TRAY® modules next to one another and secure clips (there are two clips moulded onto two sides of each module) across the indented section on its neighbour. It works almost like a jigsaw.

    For the best results, installers should work from the centre of the roof deck and work outwards towards the perimeter. This will mean any cuts to modules around objects and at the edges are consistent on both sides. The sedum will grow across the joints quickly, covering up the plastic edges.

    Continue laying and fixing the modules together until the whole area is completed. Mechanical fixings are not generally necessary for most flat roof/podium deck applications, so no sharp points need to go through into the deck, creating less risk to the waterproofing. For areas with a slight pitch or projects at high altitude or in areas of very high wind, cables fitted across the tops of the modules or mechanical fixings may be required – it is best to consult with the Qs or architect.

    For more information regarding the new M-TRAY® system, please click here.

    For more about the new, improved design for the M-TRAY® modular green roof system for 2016 please check out the video below: