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Green Roof Irrigation – Associated Benefits and Techniques

July 5th, 2019

The truth is that a properly established as well as mature green roof can now be properly and promptly installed easily. This could happen on roofs which are hard to actually access, and it’s done manually without having to go through the mess and the disruption which is associated with the regular and traditional green roof systems.

In any case, there are technologies which are available in order to integrate this overly beneficial approach and deliver the full range of benefits that come with green roofs.

Supplying A Range of Irrigation Systems

Wallbarn can supply a range of irrigation systems for installation with extensive sedum green roofs as well as intensive roof gardens. These range from simple timer-based sprinkler networks to fully automated, web-based irrigators, which will feature drought and leak detectors, separate growing zones and control panels.

Now, when it comes to green roof irrigation, you should be aware of the fact that the typical installations wouldn’t actually rely on any kind of additional and artificial irrigation. This is mainly due to the fact that the plants and grass used for the instalment are not that water-dependent, and the occasional rain is going to provide them with enough.

However, in cases of prolonged periods of terribly hot weather or in places in which rains are actually rather rare, the green roof irrigation has to be thoroughly considered. The most appropriate way to handle the issue and the one which is going to provide you with tons of benefits is the installation of a pop-up sprinkler system.

Advantages of This Green Roof Irrigation System

A pop-up sprinkler system is incredibly convenient for a wide range of different reasons. Right off the bat, the watering parts of the system are going to stay hidden within the instalment until the time for watering comes. This is easily programmable through a controlled and unified watering system which is located downstairs, and you could easily adjust it as per the weather requirements.

Furthermore, this is going to spare you all the hassle which is associated with watering the green roof instalment which is without a doubt advantageous.

The most important thing, however, is that a system of the kind is going to provide you with the chance to evenly water the entire instalment without having to do so manually. When you install the sprinklers, you are going to do so in a manner so that they are located perfectly to provide even and gradual distribution of the water. This is going to ensure that all of the parts of your green roof instalment are properly watered during all times.

There is, of course, the possibility for you to go ahead and water it manually but this is associated with a considerable amount of unnecessary hassle that could easily be spared. The sprinkler systems are cheap and easy to install.

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