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Introducing a Brand New Modular Decking System

October 2nd, 2015

Modular decking systems have been something of a work in progress in the UK, until now. Wallbarn is happy to finally bring one to the UK market that we believe offers all of the benefits of a truly modular system while maintaining the solid look and feel of a genuinely well designed and built deck.

Innovative New System

iDecking Revolution has developed a modular system which has been designed to last and will perform just as well as any other system out there butModular Decking System has the extra added benefit of being able to be installed up to 5 times quicker than any other current system.

This prefabricated system has been developed to prevent and fix all the main issues linked to both composite and wood decking and saves time, money and reduces waste.

Fast Installation

One of the most frustrating aspects of the installation of modular decking systems is the fact that installation often required hundreds or sometimes thousands of screws to complete.

In fact, the installing systems patented by iDeck ensure that your decking can be added without the need for any screws, screwdrivers, glues, spacers, alignment lines or any of the other traditional ways that compromise both aesthetic and technical results.

This modular decking system can be installed directly onto almost any existing surface. Simply construct the pre-fabricated frames, fit the supports and adjust heights to match uneven surfaces. Then insert the pre-fabricated deck panels. Use a concrete paver when positioning over soft surfaces

High-Quality Finish

By opting for the iDeck modular decking system, you will ensure a finish wish provides a totally clean decking surface.

For more information about this amazing new system along with the 2 different installation variations which are currently available, please click here.