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    Making Designer’s Tasks Easier

    July 7th, 2017

    Wallbarn has been supplying products for use in structural waterproofing and landscaping in UK for over 20 years and we always strive to make the designer’s task easier. We have developed a number of new products in 2017 to give greater flexibility and scope to designers and installers.

    Our ethos has always been to make installation user friendly and future-proof. Our products are very much modular in concept; from the modular M-Tray® green roofs, through the suspended pedestal paving and decking systems, to the new ultra-fast iDecking, the specially designed decking concept which requires no screws or fixings.

    Modular Green Roofing Systems

    M-Tray® is a modular green roof system, designed to give a long-lasting living roof with minimum maintenance. Each tray unit is a mini green roof in its own right, each module clicks together to form a seamless, instant green roof. Installation couldn’t be easier. These lightweight modules are simply laid onto the roof or terrace deck and clicked together. The clip fastenings on the sides of the modules provide an easy-to-fit but extremely solid fixing, so that when all modules are connected a single layer is created, securely in place. The joints will become invisible as the sedum grows. Each module can be carried by hand. It really is a living carpet tile.

    Applicators do not need to worry about loose substrates spilling onto and potentially damaging waterproofing membranes. Sheet membranes blowing off the roof is a thing of the past.

    Adjustable Pedestals

    Clients wanted a solution for paving or decking at extremely low heights. We spent over 12 months designing a fully adjustable, telescopic pedestal suitable to hold both paving slabs and timber joists. We developed the MINIPAD 10-20mm. This pedestal is fully adjustable so split-millimetre differences in height are achievable. At these very tight height levels adjustment is a problem, so we designed the pad with a series of spokes around the circumference and a handle on one side to allow “fat fingered” contractors to twist the units whilst the slab is in place.

    Why has Wallbarn developed such a low height pedestal? Mainly due to the increasing levels of retrofitting in paving and decking systems. Obviously, it is far easier and cheaper to overlay, rather than take up and replace old terrace surfaces.

    Also new are the BALANCE adjustable paving pedestals. Consider roof decks laid on built-up felt membranes, where a sizeable overlap across the rolls exists. This leads to ridges being present across the roof and sometimes the pedestal “pivoting” across these ridges.

    The BALANCE headpiece auto-levels up to a maximum change of 5%, so it can arrest a fall up to 5% – or approx. 2 degrees. This headpiece is different from other self-levelling heads on the market. The pedestals will remain stable and the centre of gravity will pass through the centre of the pedestal, eliminating the risk of the pedestal slipping on the ridge areas. For further falls or slopes, Wallbarn’s slope correctors can be added to the baseplate, up to a maximum slope of 10%. For roofs with greater than a 10% fall, pedestals are not the recommended solution.

    Wallbarn is also launching a simple but very effective product for use when paving up to walls and parapets. The metal plate for paving is a simple stainless steel plate which is placed on top of the headpiece on pedestals laid up to the wall. As Wallbarn’s standard baseplates are 200mm in diameter and the headpieces are 150mm in diameter, the end slab can overhang the headpiece slightly, risking that slab tipping if a person was to stand on the very lip. By adding the metal plate for paving, that edge slab is supported completely, creating a safer area on balcony edges.


    Wallbarn has CAD images for all the products mentioned above and BIM Objects are also available from our website – www.wallbarn.com

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