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Manual Irrigation Kit For Green Roofs

July 22nd, 2020

The Manual Irrigation Kit for green roofs up to 10m2 in size is designed as the simplest and most cost-effective irrigation system for domestic applications.

  • This kit is designed to be fitted to a garden tap and connected easily using a series of push connectors and nozzles so that users can turn the tap on to give adequate irrigation to the sedum or wildflower green roof in times of excess heat and/or very dry weather
  • The onus is on the owners of the green roof to judge when the plants require water
  • The hosepipe is connected to the tap using the standard tap fitting and can be passed through the inside of the drainpipe to access the roof
  • The pipe is 16mm in diameter, so can pass between each M-Tray® unit at the base easily. Using the punch key, users will connect the irrigation risers so they stand up between the modules and clear of the vegetation
  • The kit is supplied with 180° spray jets which can reach up to 3 metres at 2 bar of water pressure (90° and 360°jets can be purchased as additional items). Users should check that sufficient water pressure will reach up to the green roof area from the water source to achieve adequate spray. It is essential that the entire vegetation gets covered by the sprays

A selection of connectors and termination points are also supplied within the kit.

A water filter is not supplied but is highly recommended to prevent the jets becoming clogged with hard water. It, and a selection of timers, can also be supplied as supplementary products. Just speak to a member of our team.