Slope correctors are wedge shaped which clip to the underside of the baseplate on asp, td & megapad supports. They are designed to arrest the fall in the roof or podium deck.

SLOPE CORRECTORS are circular wedge shaped discs which are designed to clip under the baseplates of adjustable support pads to arrest the fall in the roof deck. They are lightweight and easy to apply as they are secured to the baseplate by two clips at the side which hook over the edge of the baseplate to hold them both secure.

This design of slope corrector is far superior to other levellers on the market as other brands deal with the fall by wedging up or tilting the headpiece of the pad. This means the pad itself is off-line. The Wallbarn system is different:

Slope Corrector

Wallbarn slope correctors adjust the fall under the base, meaning that the support pad is always completely straight and the force down is always completely vertical. The weight of the slab is always going directly downwards and is far more secure.

The slope correctors are available in three sizes, with a 1% slope, a 2% slope or a 3% slope. More than one corrector can be fitted beneath the baseplate.

They can be used in conjunction with ASP adjustable supports for paving, TD timber decking supports, -(including ASP EXT extended height supports and TD Mobile Supports) and Megapads.

slope correrctor

They can also be fitted to Mini-Megapads, although the fitting is slightly different as the slope correctors will overshoot the 150mm diameter baseplate meaning the clips will not fasten.

Slope Correctors

Ridges running around the inner ring of the slope corrector will secure to the underside of the smaller baseplate so the system remains stable.

They are packed into boxes of 20 units each.

Technical data

SLOPE 1 200mm 82mm 1% 0.57° ASP, TD & Megapads
SLOPE 2 200mm 82mm 2% 1.11° ASP, TD & Megapads
SLOPE 3 200mm 82mm 3% 1.71° ASP, TD & Megapads