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    Quality Eco Friendly Decking Solutions

    July 9th, 2017

    Quality Decking Solutions

    iDecking UK from Wallbarn Ltd presents EasyClick, the fastest and easiest way to fit top quality composite and tropical hardwood decking.

    EasyClick requires no screws, no hidden fixings, no clips and no timber joists are required. The decking boards are manufactured with grooves on the underside, which click into special mounting clips secured onto aluminium battens. Installation is simply a matter of stamping down on the boards. Every element is pre-measured and fits exactly, it is almost impossible to fix this decking incorrectly. EasyClick is up to 5 times faster than traditional methods.

    EasyClick Decking System

    EasyClick has the additional advantage of being low height. The whole system including the boards and the aluminium rails is only 52mm high. Treated softwood joists are not required.

    EasyClick uses the eco-friendly DURO EXCELLENCE composite. The boards are manufactured from recycled rice husks and virgin PVC. Rice husks are a waste material. CO2 emissions and pollution are therefore reduced.

    The material is hard-wearing, resistant to moisture and insect damage and is extremely luxurious and beautiful. DURO EXCELLENCE has superior slip resistance. It is designed to provide a long-term, luxurious finish.

    EasyChange Decking System

    EasyChange is the alternative “liftable” design. The boards are installed onto similar aluminium rails but the clips are mobile so installers can lift the boards at any point using the special EasyKey. This is particularly useful for areas where installers will need to access the deck beneath, such as drains or above pipework. Once closed, the clips will keep the boards securely in place and only special equipment can be used to unlock the clips, so the system is tamper-proof.

    Both EasyClick and EasyChange can be used for cladding as well as decking and have been used successfully in fabricating structures such as seating and tables. They are both extremely adaptable.

    EasyClick and EasyChange can be constructed using tropical hardwood as well as composite. We can mill a number of different species to accommodate the fixings and we follow the highest standards in sustainable forestry.

    Wallbarn has CAD images for all the products mentioned above and BIM Objects are also available from our website – www.wallbarn.com

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