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    Spring Maintenance For Green Roofs

    March 19th, 2020

    There is a common misconception currently that green roofs require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.

    Just as you would not expect to leave your garden alone for a prolonged period of time without any type of maintenance, green roofs do require some maintenance to ensure they do not die.

    Key Information

    • Maintenance should be at least annual and preferably twice a year
    • In times of sustained very dry or very hot weather, they must be watered (they are drought resistant but not drought-proof)
    • Fertiliser – take advice from your local nursery or garden centre

    Make Sure Your Green Roof Is Ready For Spring & Beyond

    Spring has definitely now ‘sprung’ and as such, now is the ideal time for your green roof to receive a little care and attention to ensure that it is ready for the spring and beyond.

    Some vegetation types such as sedum are planted as they require less maintenance than grass roofs for example. However, regular attention to soil moisture and feed levels, as well as the removal of weeds, is essential to maintain optimum performance.

    To help ensure that your green roof remains in the best possible condition, we have used our extensive experience to help draw up a list of suggestions to put into practice.

    • Remove any debris that has built up
    • Ensure that all of the drainage outlets are clear allowing the water to flow
    • Remove all dead stalks, thatch and other dry vegetation from the roof as this can present a fire hazard
    • Remove any unwanted plants that may have been windblown onto the green roof
    • Apply the specified green roof feed/fertiliser
    • Repair any bare areas – either plug plant or sprinkle sedum chips/cuttings over bare areas if required

    Please Note – When maintaining a wildflower green roof, it is crucial to remember that wildflowers are weeds. As such, care must be taken during maintenance NOT to pull out healthy and desired plants.

    Wildflowers by their nature thrive on poor soils where there is little competition however they are more vulnerable to drought. Drying of stems and leaves will be seen through hot dry periods and although irrigation can be applied it is not a requirement as the ‘stressed’ plants will flower and seed to propagate themselves and will often recover with the onset of rain.

    Suitable For Residential and Commercial Properties

    Green roofs are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Thanks to the modular nature of Wallbarn’s innovative M-Tray®, we are able to complete installations quickly and with the absolute minimum of disruption.

    The case study below offers the perfect insight into how all of the pieces will come together to create a durable and sustainable modular green roof offering a variety of benefits for both the property and the local area.

    Quickfire green roof installation at Hammersmith high-rise