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Sustainable Materials

January 30th, 2015

Wallbarn also supplies a sustainable material in the form of recycled polyester material. These fabrics are available in a variety of densities and come either as a white material or a multicoloured fabric.

They represent significant cost savings and as they are recycled materials they help with sustainability criteria including BREEAM ratings, for example.Sustainable Materials

Both fabrics have a lower tensile strength than virgin materials, but this reflects the fact that they are recycled existing fibres. The raw material comes from many different sources and will have been used for a variety of different applications. This means that the thermal bonding process will not bond the fibres as tightly and strongly together as with virgin fibre.

However, because the raw material is recycled, environmental sustainability benefits as well as cost savings can be achieved.

These fabrics are used as carrying and strengthening layers within manufactured waterproofing membranes and can be produced in different densities, roll sizes and colours, depending on the client’s specification.
We can offer virgin fibre or recycled polyester materials with yarns of different gauges, compound matting made from recycled fibre, or Glass Tissue Fibre in varying grades.

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Wallbarn offers many different solutions in the field of geotextiles. We operate a very adaptable factory production line, and offer short lead times. All our products comply with the highest technical quality control standards, and we can fit our processes to match your requirements.