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Time for a bit of green roof TLC

June 10th, 2019


Green roof maintenance: a quick guide

Our sedum trays need very little maintenance but there is no harm giving your green roof a little care at this time of year.
Green Roof
1. Pull out any weeds that may have got into the sedum.

  • only walk over the sedum if you can’t reach certain areas from the edge
  • sedum squashes down under foot but bounces back in days
  • collect any chips or broken pieces of sedum and scatter them over the green roof, they will re-root into the substrate
Green Roof
2. Remove dead stalks and vegetation from gutters and outlets
Prevent clogging and minimize fire hazards
3. Feed the vegetation with some all-purpose fertiliser 4. Easily plug bare patches
Bare patches can occasionally appear due to foraging wildlife e.g. birds or squirrels. You can fill these in by pulling out small clumps of plants from areas with surplus vegetation and plugging them into the bare soil. These plants will usually take within days.
Green Roof
Green Roof

For more information on maintaining a healthy green roof
click here.

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