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Welcome to the World of Splinter Proof Decking

October 7th, 2015

Decking systems are one of the most common and popular additions to outdoor areas in the UK. Offering excellent landscaping solutions and providing the ideal area to relax on those long summer nights, it is easy to see why.

However, the versatility and practicality of any decking system are entirely dependent on the quality and the durability of the materials that are used when constructing the deck, along with the ability to regularly maintain the surface.

A Primary Concern

One of the primary concerns relating to the installation of a new decking system to any outdoor area relates to the materials downgrading over time Welcome to the World of Splinter Proof Deckingand the surface beginning to splinter.

Not only does this look unsightly, a splintered surface will significantly reduce the lifespan of the decking and can also be dangerous.

There can be no doubt that splinters need to be avoided wherever possible and if your decking becomes warped or cracked, there is every chance that it will lead to more splinters over time.

The Perfect Solution

Whilst many decking systems may be in the process of failing through moisture intrusion, (one of the most common causes of splintering, the iDecking Revolution is delighted to announce the launch of a new splinter proof decking system which offers a variety of significant benefits when compared to other current decking systems, not least the fact that it is splinter proof.

The culmination of Significant Research

The iDecking team has completed years of research and development with some of the world’s most important architects, designers and qualified deck builders. This research has given us the opportunity to alleviate all the main issues and problems associated with traditional deck building techniques and materials, starting a true revolution in decking field.

The benefit of iDecking Systems

Available in a variety of different materials and colours, yet sharing the common benefit of being easy and fast to install, the iDecking splinter proof decking systems are revolutionising the world of decking installations.

The non-splinter properties of the iDecking range of products make them absolutely perfect for things like swimming pools. It also has very good resistance to moisture absorption and linear expansion, making it less likely to bow or lift at the junction between two boards.

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