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4 Myths About Green Roofs

February 10th, 2019

Green roofs have dramatically increased in popularity in recent history. Popping up in areas ranging from the top of bus shelters all the way to the roofs of large corporations, the increase in visibility has also led to a significant increase in incorrect assumptions and misinformation.

To help put some of these myths to bed, we have outlined 4 of the most common and offer reasons why these myths are simply not true.

Myth No. 1: Green Roofs Are Ultra-High Maintenance

If you have to mow your lawn every couple of weeks in the summer, imagine how often you will have to maintain your green roof!

This is simply not the case at all. Whilst it is true that green roofs require some type of periodic maintenance, this is not an area that should raise any type of concern with regards to workload.

However, it must be remembered that ALL plants, even sedum species, require water. During extreme periods, the very hot British summer of 2018 is an example, extra irrigation will be needed. The basic rule of thumb is that if the sedum is turning red, it is in distress.

Because all commercial properties are required to have a twice-yearly roof and gutter checks, green roof maintenance can be factored into this requirement.

For more on maintaining green roofs, please click here

Myth No. 2: Green Roofs Are Just A Passing Trend

One of the original wonders of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, offers possibly the very first example of how flora can be used to make a building more appealing.

There are records showing that in the early 1900s, Germany was building flat green roofs in urban areas. They continued to do so throughout the century.

With a proven history and undeniable environmental and financial benefits, green roofs have stood the test of time and are now going from strength to strength.

A key environmental benefit has been highlighted by a recent study which discovered that one square metre of the green roof removed the equivalent pollution of an average car for an entire year.

Please click here for more information on this study

Myth No. 3: Green Roofs Can Cause Structural Damage And Leakage

One of the most common misconceptions relates to the damage that can be caused to a roof by the installation of a green roof.

Whether you have a standard roof or a green roof, the installation of an effective waterproofing membrane is essential.

There is absolutely no evidence which suggests that any type of green roof is susceptible to leaking. In fact, some studies* suggest that because green roofs cover the waterproofing membrane, protecting it from UV rays and extreme daily temperature fluctuations. This protection extends the lifespan of the waterproofing twice as long as conventional roofing, meaning that membranes under green roofs last twice as long as those on traditional roofs.

*Please click here for more information.

Myth No. 4: Adding a Green Roof Is Too Complex/Too Expensive

Ensuring that your green roof is well designed and installed correctly is absolutely crucial. Many people over-complicate the process involved in choosing the perfect green roof because they don’t know where to start or how much it will cost them.

Choosing the right team of professionals will ensure that the process is done correctly, with a long-term view in mind whilst keeping costs to a minimum at all times

On the other end of the scale, there are some people who can oversimplify the process. Just putting some soil on top of your roof and adding some plants will be enough to create your very own bespoke green roof. This is definitely not a good idea!

What is the M-Tray®?

A green roof system consisting of modular trays containing superior substrate and established sedum plants nurtured from seed at our own UK nurseries.

What makes the M-Tray® unique?

Our M-Tray® has been specifically designed to make sedum roof installation quick and easy – with minimum disruption to the plants and the structure they are going onto – and to provide a seamless, verdant finish – an instant and sustainable green roof.

  • deep cavities for healthy roots
  • optimum drainage means stronger plants
  • established vegetation at point of installation
  • 100mm deep, specially-mixed substrate for the longevity of plant life
  • no sharp edges or mess, less risk to membrane
  • click-together trays create a seamless connection
  • easy to transport and install

Please Note – We only supply fully established, mature sedum plants contained within our easy-to-carry M-Trays® which click together to form an almost invisible join.

For more information on the M-Tray®, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.