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A Beginners Guide To Green Roofs

June 26th, 2020

Green Roofs Installation Sydenham

As concerns about climate change and dwindling natural resources grow, green roofs have become increasingly popular throughout the UK.

Offering a variety of benefits

Offering a variety of benefits ranging from the creation of natural habitat to the ability to play a key role within SuDS (Sustainable drainage systems), it is easy to see why so many developers and architects are now factoring green roofs into their plans.

Whilst the concept of green roofs may initially seem a fairly simple one, the benefits offered by the installation of a green roof covers many areas and as such, this excellent article by the team at the ER Group offers an informative take on green roofs for beginners. 

The perfect starting point

If you would like to gain further insight into what green roofs actually are and the benefits that can be achieved, the article below offers the perfect starting point.

To view the ER Group article, ‘Green Roofs – A Beginners Guide’, please click here.

Who are the ER Group?

ER Group are a well established London based Roofing & Renovation Contractor who have been helping keep homes and buildings warm and dry for the last decade. Having recently completed a stunning green roof installation, they are ideally positioned to provide informed comment on green roofs in general and the effectiveness of the M-Tray® in particular.

For more information on M-Tray®, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.