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Green Roof Tray Development

September 1st, 2017

Over the space of just a few short weeks (6 approx), look at the amount of growth in these M-Tray® modules!!!

No watering, no additional maintenance, just nature taking its course!

Utilising Open Space

Green roofs and living walls are a great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and podium decks.

Our new design allows us to supply the best quality vegetation to site. The fully established, mature sedum or wildflower plants, are contained within easy-to-carry trays which click together to form an almost invisible join.

M-Tray® has been designed and developed by Wallbarn in the UK and is the subject of Community Registered Design (No. 002953943-0001) and US Design (Application No. 29/553,129).

Modular Systems

The main advantages of modular over roll-out green roof systems include convenience and speed of installation, futureproofing, and the delivery of instant results.

All the elements required for a successful green roof have been measured and installed into the M-Tray® modules at the nursery.

Users can feel confident that the plants, growing medium and filtration components are suitable and compatible, and at the correct level to give strong, healthy growth over the long term.

A great example of a fully installed green roof can be viewed via a recent installation at Cattle Hill, Quarry Vale, Yorkshire.

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