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Key Advantages Of The M-Tray Modular Green Roofing System

March 12th, 2018

Green roofs are used to provide visual aesthetics to the construction project, to introduce nature back into cities and to mitigate the impact of densely populated urban areas.

They are a useful and increasingly cost-effective way to provide attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open spaces on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and podium decks.

Green roofs are very adaptable and can be designed for large or small areas on most structural decks. However, truly understanding the horticultural requirements of introducing vegetation onto artificial surfaces is a discipline which requires specialist skills and knowledge.

All green roofs need light, water, drainage, and correctly engineered soils. Without ALL of these elements, the green roof vegetation will not thrive. Wallbarn green roof systems are constructed in order to provide sustainable long term vegetation and to minimise maintenance.

Wallbarn has many years of experience in landscaping and green roofing technologies. We are constantly innovating and developing new products and techniques to improve and enhance rooftop living.

Key Advantages

The advances made in the design of the new M-Tray® model include:

  • Deeper cavities for extra root growth
  • Optimum drainage leading to stronger plant growth
  • More established vegetation at point of installation
  • More efficient transport and packaging
  • Exactly 4 units per m2
  • Easier to carry trays with smooth handles
  • A closer connection between trays for more seamless plant
  • No sharp edges, less risk to the membrane
  • Nothing spills out, less mess
  • Made from recycled plastic with a recycled substrate
  • Less packaging, less waste
  • UK designed and manufactured in UK

Not only do these systems offer design solutions for awkward urban spaces, but they also add beautiful flora and fauna, colour and biodiversity to buildings and city centres.

Our systems combine great design scope with key ecological and performance benefits:

  • Creates habitat for birds and insects, increasing biodiversity
  • Acts as an effective soundproofing barrier
  • Helps regulate the building temperature
  • Air purification – plants are efficient filters of pollution
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for retrofitting or refurbishment projects.
  • Delivers instant greening of a roof with sedums and other species able to flourish in our climate.
  • Cost-effective solution.

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