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A Look At Eco Green Roofs And Their Benefits

October 15th, 2016

Modern architecture has gone green. Many if not all, of the architectural designs being drawn in this modern error, have considerations of energy efficiency and reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses. Different elements have been used to produce the effect of energy efficiency in an effort to make our cities and by extension the whole world green and a better place to live in.

There are many architectural elements and designs used today. In this regard, eco-green roofs have been one of the most popular architectural design elements that are A Look At Eco Green Roofs And Their Benefitsbeing employed in many parts of the world to make our living quotas attain better living standards.

Though eco green roofs have been in existence for a long time, their use in modern architecture has experienced a surge of interest and installation. They are popular in both commercial and residential properties as their instalment is not necessarily dependant on the size of the building.

Types Of Eco Green Roofs

There are three designs that are in popular use currently. This includes intensive, semi-intensive and extensive green roofs. The intensive types of roof are green roofs that can handle a higher amount of plant weight (usually 100 to 750 kilograms per square meter). These roofs can support plants with deep and intrusive roots such as herbs

On the other hand, extensive green roofs are designed to handle a plant weight of between 50 to 120 kilograms per square meter. The plants are also designed to be self-sustaining with little input over time.

More modern designs which incorporate the advantages of the extensive and intensive designs have been developed. This design is known as the comprehensive green roofs.

Advantages Of Having Green Roofs

The Installation of installing green roofs outweigh the cost of installing the roofs. Potential benefits include;

The living conditions are improved significantly due to the better aeration around the property. Plants on the green roof release fresh air that improves the air quality around the property.

Green roofs also add reduce solar isolation penetrating into the house. This improves the overall living conditions by stabilizing ambient temperature.

These types of roofs are known to reduce the amount of energy consumed in order to cool houses. In so doing, the amount of green gas houses emitted is drastically reduced. The plants on the roofs also draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, further enhancing efforts to mitigate global emissions.

Green roofs have also been found to help in the management stormwater by absorbing some of the water.

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