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    Paving/ Tiling Application

    Paving/ Tiling Application

    • Helps achieve integrated Class A1 for porcelain tiles and paving slabs
    • I-Plus Beam bearer rails mechanically fixed to Metalpad & Metalpad-Ex pedestals
    • Gives greater support to slabs and tiles providing additional lateral strength across the deck
    • Faster installation of suspended paving and tiling projects
    • Joists fit together quickly and easily using Wallbarn’s tailored brackets.
    • Massive height range achievable, multiple I-Plus Beams can be fixed together
    • Lugs on paving headpiece easily removed with pliers for junctions, stretcher bond etc.
    Decking Applications

    Decking Applications

    • Fully integrated substructure system for installing Class A1 decking
    • I-Plus Beam bearer rails mechanically fixed to Metalpad-Ex
    • I-Plus fits Metalpad pedestals without need for fixing
    • Lightweight System allows for easy installation and reduces risk of injury. Faster installation of suspended decking projects
    • Joists fit together seamlessly using Wallbarn’s tailored brackets.
    • High height thresholds achievable using multiple I-Plus Beams stacked together


    Wallbarn offers the convenience of two options for connecting I-Plus beams, streamlining installation. The first method employs self-tapping screws for sturdy mechanical fixation. Straight and right-angle fixing brackets feature two counter-sunk holes, simplifying attachment via self-tapping screws.

    Alternatively, the wing nut and M8 bolt method offers manual securing. Here, the bolt head is inserted into the I-Plus beam’s side or bottom profile, and the wing nut is manually placed around the bracket. This approach’s strength lies in its initial loosely secured framework, enabling flexible realignment for precise positioning. Once the desired alignment is achieved, tightening the wing nuts solidifies the substructure. This method guarantees a robust and precisely aligned construction.

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