Modern day society places a strong focus on sustainability and utilising renewable resources. This can make it difficult for some people to understand why the choice is made to make certain products from virgin material.

Depending on how materials are re-processed, it can be impossible for recycled materials to replicate 100% of properties of virgin materials. As such, the degradation of these properties can play a detrimental role with regard to safety factors and durability.

This is not to say recycled plastics cannot be used in certain applications if the product is structural, a lower strength or safety rating can have very serious implications and this goes a long way towards explaining why some recycled materials often have lower safety ratings.  

No Recycled Plastic Used In Our Paving & Decking Supports

With potential long-term viability issues relating to construction products such as decking supports constructed using recycled plastic fibres, we do not believe that there is any margin for error and therefore our range of decking support pedestals are made of virgin fibre injection moulded polypropylene.

An image of an adjustable pedestal
An image of an adjustable pedestal
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Because we cannot guarantee or be assured in any way that the weight tolerances we require of our adjustable pedestals can be achieved by using recycled plastic, we simply cannot use this material.

Our range of decking and paving supports have all been subjected to testing by an independent testing laboratory, some of the most stringent testing available to ensure their qualities.

They are extremely tough and durable. Each support pad (at 35mm and above) able to tolerate a weight of 1,171 kg and tolerate temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +75°C.

These tests are fully independent and have been created to assess the safety, the strength and the durability of a particular product.

Weight Tolerance* 683kg
Maximum Load* 1,171kg
Max Temperature Plus 75 ° C
Min Temperature Minus 40 °C


An image of an adjustable pedestal

Take No Chances

Wherever weight tolerance and temperature exposure are of extreme importance, we strongly believe that no risks should be taken with the quality of the products used in the build.

Our products are designed to offer outstanding quality and our range of paving and decking supports offer a variety of key advantages, including:

  • Cost-effective entry-level support pads
  • Separate paving and decking from the base structure
  • Improve drainage
  • Protect surface beneath
  • Avoid the need for sand and cement
  • Easy maintenance – slabs can be removed for inspection or repair
  • Can take up surface easily for inspection
  • Fast & easy installation

* Weight tolerance = the point at which the pedestal ends its normal behaviour and starts to deform (according to an independent testing laboratory test 179112/1)
* Maximum load = the point at which pedestals start to collapse in laboratory tests (according to an independent testing laboratory test 179112/1)


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