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    Wallbarn M-Tray® Sedum Green Roof Module

    May 30th, 2018

    M-TRAY® – the extensive green roof system in modular tray format from Wallbarn.

    Key Advantages

    The advances made in the design of the new M-Tray® model include:

    • deeper cavities for extra root growth
    • optimum drainage leading to stronger plant growth
    • more established vegetation at point of installation
    • more efficient transport and packaging
    • exactly 4 units per m2
    • easier to carry trays with smooth handles
    • closer connection between trays for more seamless plant growth
    • no sharp edges, less risk to the membrane
    • nothing spills out, less mess
    • made from recycled plastic with recycled substrate
    • less packaging, less waste
    • UK designed and manufactured in UK

    WALLBARN presents the new M-Tray® for 2019 which has been further improved to make sedum roofs easier to install with less disruption to both the plants and the structure. M-Tray® is also designed to give a more seamless, verdant finish and an instant green roof.

    Wallbarn is at the forefront of developments in the green roofing sector and has always provided products that combine top-quality ingredients with user-friendly, hassle-free maintenance. The purpose of M-Tray® is to enhance rooftop living.

    Our bespoke design allows us to supply the best quality vegetation to site. The fully established, mature sedum or wildflower plants, are contained within easy-to-carry trays which click together to form an almost invisible join.

    M-Tray® has been designed and developed by Wallbarn in the UK and is the subject of Community Registered Design (No. 002953943-0001) and US Design (Application No. 29/553,129).

    Why Modular?

    The main advantages of modular over roll-out green roof systems include convenience and speed of installation, futureproofing, and the delivery of instant results.

    All the elements required for a successful green roof have been measured and installed into the M-Tray® modules at the nursery.

    Users can feel confident that the plants, growing medium and filtration components are suitable and compatible, and at the correct level to give strong, healthy growth over the long term.

    The trays are grown for a period of at least 6 months and all will have been through at least one spring growing season; so the plants are well established, healthy and strong, and fully integrated into the substrate (unlike sedum blankets, which are not).

    Mess and disruption are big issues with roll-out systems.

    Moving bags of aggregate-based substrate onto rooftops is fraught with risk – the aggregate goes everywhere and as it is so granular, it can damage waterproofing membranes very easily. Sedum blankets are also supplied rolled up, so the plants get damaged during the transport and installation process.

    This is not the case with the M-Tray® modules.

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