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    What Makes Bamboo an Effective Material For Decking Boards and Tiles?

    March 15th, 2024

    Bamboo decking is an ideal material to consider for replacing existing decks, being both versatile and environmentally friendly – as well as beautiful! Bamboo is also known to last many years before needing replacement.

    Bamboo decking is durable, cost-effective and simple to install – creating an outdoor oasis to be enjoyed all year round.

    Bamboo Elegance pool

    1. Environmentally friendly

    Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials for decking boards and tiles, as a renewable resource that reduces carbon dioxide gases by 35%.

    As opposed to hardwood, which takes at least 25 years before harvesting is possible, bamboo regenerative growth occurs much quicker and may save both money and the environment.

    Material made of fibreglass is extremely light yet resilient, making it more stable and resistant to breakage than wood.

    2. Low maintenance

    Bamboo makes an excellent material for decking boards and tiles because it stands up well to weather, rot, and pests – plus maintenance is very straightforward as no sanding or staining are needed to keep it looking its best!

    Bamboo can also provide an excellent alternative to plastics and composites, being an eco-friendly regenerative resource with three times faster growth than wood.

    Bamboo’s rapid growth makes it a sustainable resource that won’t lead to deforestation; an environmentally-friendly option that offers an economical and eco-friendly alternative to tropical hardwood.

    3. Versatile

    What makes bamboo such an effective material for decking boards and tiles is its versatility: homeowners can select from various grain patterns and colors to achieve their desired look.

    Decks are also exceptionally strong, capable of supporting multiple tables, chairs and grills simultaneously – meaning more people will find space on your deck for entertaining purposes.

    Our decking boards are constructed from Moso bamboo, an eco-friendly resource with rapid growth rates of 1 meter per day. Because bamboo does not die when harvested for its stems, deforestation isn’t involved with its production either.

    4. Affordable

    Bamboo’s low cost makes it a highly attractive material for decking boards and tiles, comparable to wood but significantly cheaper than composite or synthetic alternatives.

    Bamboo decking material is more environmentally-friendly than its wood counterpart, as it doesn’t need pesticides, fertilizers, or any other chemicals for growth and can easily be replanted after harvesting.

    Bamboo is also an abundant and renewable resource; its growth rates three times faster than most tree species and, once harvested, can be regrown and harvested for new products.

    5. Easy to install

    Bamboo flooring is among the easiest materials to install, as it doesn’t require special tools and can be completed by anyone with basic carpentry knowledge.

    Not only is wood fireproof, it provides homeowners with a natural aesthetic in their deck design.

    Bamboo stands out as an alternative source of wood due to its short growth time and resistance against deforestation, making harvesting quick and efficient.

    Bamboo is not only eco-friendly but it is also highly durable and rot-proof. Being significantly harder than pine or spruce wood means it can withstand knocks and scratches more readily.