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What Sets The M-TRAY® System Apart?

//What Sets The M-TRAY® System Apart?

What Sets The M-TRAY® System Apart?


Whilst this pre-grown sedum green roof product is supplied in easy-to-handle plastic tray units, our trays can be supplied without the #greenroofing materials (empty) throughout the world allowing you to create your own green roof systems safe in the knowledge that they will be held firmly in place by our patented system.

This trademarked design incorporates strong tray units measuring 500 x 500 x 100mm, made from injection moulded recycled polypropylene. The frame itself is 2mm thick throughout, and is designed to tolerate significantly more than the 15-20kg saturated weight produced when the units are fully loaded with substrate and sedum plants. Please see our CAD section here.

The modules have a series of drainage holes on the underside and a series of ridges in the bottom to aid drainage and provide an air gap beneath. There are indented sections on the underside to help with carrying the modules and the corners are rounded to prevent sharp points causing damage. The corners are also reinforced, should the uits need to be suspended off the deck (this might be the case if the height of the sedum needs to match up to existing landscaping features such as decking).

Smooth Edges & Connecting Bracket

The connecting brackets are designed to give a tight connection, with the minimum of gap between each module. The joint is only 6mm so the plants will grow over it quickly, making it disappear in ultra-quick time (white units for illustrative purposes only – all M-Tray® units are supplied in black colour).

The corners of the modules are rounded and smooth, so no sharp edges (which might puncture the membrane beneath) are present. It also makes handling the trays easier and the edges can be mounted onto Wallbarn pedestals if additional height is required.

Trims & Edging

100mm aluminium edge trims and connectors fit neatly onto the sides of the modules. Fixings are designed to slot together neatly although they are not always necessary.

Creating Something Special

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