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Green Spaces Matter – Perhaps More Now Than Ever

January 16th, 2020

Due to the continuous rise of the population in many major cities, the amount of untouched vegetation and green spaces is under threat and this the subsequent decline in plant life is turning up the heat.

With air quality suffering from the effects of urban heat and pollution, physical and mental health are now being impacted.

However, the good news is that the tide may be beginning to turn in a positive way once more. Many new structures and even some old ones are now being designed to feature green roofs, walls and sky gardens.

Beyond aesthetics, these elements slowly bring back Mother Nature into our cities and offer a variety of benefits.

  • Improving the local environment by providing wildlife habitats
  • Absorbing CO2, pollution and particulates from the atmosphere
  • Improving sound and vibration insulation
  • Improving thermal insulation
  • Reducing the amount and speed of rainwater run-off by around 50% and forming part of a SUDS design
  • Reducing the “heat island” effect in built-up areas and helping to improve air quality and environment

Protecting the structure and waterproofing membrane from:

    • UV light and heat from the sun
    • Impact and abrasion
    • Environmental elements including extremes of temperature
    • Plant and bird infestation
    • Ballasting inverted waterproofing systems

Optimising the structural footprint by:

    • Increasing space – providing new and attractive natural amenity areas
    • Adding floor space in often high-density developments
    • Adding focal points
    • Decreasing energy costs
    • Increasing the value of the development

Wallbarn can advise and assist on all aspects of scoping, installing and maintaining your green roof project. You can find more information via the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.

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