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    How Important is Effective Foundation Waterproofing?

    January 17th, 2020

    Leaking foundations can potentially be catastrophic and can endanger the entire structure of a property. To help ensure that this never happens to you, Wallbarn supply a range of highly effective foundation waterproofing.

    To stop water from entering a foundation, effective foundation waterproofing needs to be seamless with the ability to stretch over cracks and withstand water under hydrostatic pressure caused by heavy rains.

    Spray applied polymer-modified asphalt exterior foundation waterproofing stops water on the outside before it can get into a basement.

    Seamless Waterproofing

    Every new foundation needs to be waterproofed and the application of reliable foundation waterproofing can help to save a world of trouble further down the line. Spray application of seamless waterproofing on the exterior of a foundation turns the interior into a dry basement. Now the basement living area stays dry and free of water. Without foundation waterproofing, water can seep through a foundation wall or through a crack in the foundation.

    For years foundations were only damp-proofed, which only stops water vapour and is not a reliable method of stopping water under hydrostatic pressure pushing its way through a damp-proofed foundation. Also, damp-proofing is brittle and cannot bridge cracks in a foundation. Effective foundation waterproofing will stop this happening.

    There are 2 basic types of foundation waterproofing & we can help you with both. The first is known as –

    External Tanking

    This is also known as the “positive side” waterproofing. We can supply you with self-adhesive waterproof membranes, thick film and elastic liquid membranes, mineral sealing slurries, drainage and protection sheets and our high tech gel curtain system for external waterproofing from the inside.

    Internal Tanking

    This is also known as the “negative side” waterproofing. We can supply you with the materials needed for high-performance cementitious sealing slurries for damp and actively leaking surfaces, mineral water plugs for instantly sealing in-rushes of water, rapid setting repair mortars.

    For more information regarding Wallbarn’s range of effective foundation waterproofing please don’t hesitate to contact us on Tel. No. 0208 916 2222.