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    Introducing Non Woven Geotextile Fabrics

    March 10th, 2017

    Wallbarn distributes a wide variety of top quality non-woven geotextile fabrics in different densities, roll sizes and type to suit any application.

    These top-quality high strength fabrics are manufactured from virgin fibre polypropylene, designed to give the highest mechanical properties for heavy-duty construction projects.

    Largest Range Available in the UK

    Wallbarn has the largest range of geotextile thickness, weight and roll size of any UK supplier.How Much Do You Know About Geotextile Fabrics

    Geotextile fabrics are permeable, water can pass through the fibres but the particles remain in place. The soil and other particles will remain in place, avoiding waterlogging, erosion and subsidence; giving a dryer, stronger and more stable ground base for construction.

    Our non-woven, high tensile fabrics are made from the best quality raw materials and manufactured to the highest standards, which provide uniform and consistent strength throughout the roll, so no weak spots will appear.

    The fabrics are manufactured in a large number of different thicknesses. This allows water flow at different speeds, depending on the density of the fleece.

    Easy Installation

    Wallbarn can supply geotextile fabrics in a large variety of roll sizes, from 1 metre wide for small or restricted access areas (particularly roofs); up to 6 metres wide Jumbo rolls for very large projects.

    These large rolls make installation faster and easier since less individual rolls mean fewer joints to seal and less overlap at the joints is required, leading to less material wastage. Fewer joints also lead to a stronger overall system.

    Wallbarn geotextile fabrics have been used successfully in the following applications:-

    • Filtration and separation for landfills and reservoirs
    • Protection layers beneath pond liner membranes

    • Soil stabilisation beneath building construction
    • Separation and stabilisation in road and rail construction
    • Separation and stabilisation in airport runway construction
    • Erosion control for embankments and cuttings
    • Soil stabilisation and separation in watercourses
    • Filtration and protection for tunnels and bridges
    • Roof gardens and green roofs
    • Protection layers in inverted waterproofing systems

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