An image of Hardwood Timber Decking Tiles
  • An ultra-low height threshold solution for decking on flat roofs and terraces
  • Combine the natural beauty of tropical hardwood with the speed and ease of laying paving slabs onto a structural surface
  • A long-lasting, attractive decking surface suitable for the British climate
  • Durable hardwood will last over 15 years
  • No specialist carpentry required
  • Pre-formed tiles are easy to cut for detailing
  • Avoid the risk of damage by laying joist directly onto your membrane

Ideal for ultra-low thresholds

  • Our tiles are just 30mm in height which means combined with our 7mm fixed height pedestal (link) you can deck up to a threshold as low as 37mm.
  • Traditional decking methods using timber joists, even if suspended on a super-low support pad, will only allow you to deck up to a threshold of 130mm or higher
An image of a completed timber decking tiles installation
An image of a completed timber decking tiles installation

Just like laying slabs:

  • uniform size and space between decking
  • tile weight holds them in place
  • no need to fix anything to the deck
  • take up a tile to inspect your deck – minimising disruption – and then replace
  • unsightly items such as drainage outlets, cables and pipes are hidden beneath the tiles
  • futureproofed
An image of a completed timber decking tiles installation
An image of a completed timber decking tiles installation

Why suspend your tiles on pedestals?

  • four positioning lugs on each pedestal allow rainwater to drain between tiles
  • tiles kept out of standing water avoiding slippery surfaces and wood rot
  • suitable for any type of flat roof design or membrane and unaffected by wind uplift
  • can be used in conjunction with concrete slabs or natural stone
  • can be laid in a straight line or a “chess board” pattern, subject to taste
  • we also supply FSC® certified timber as we have FSC® Chain of Custody (speak to rep)
An image of a completed timber decking tiles installation
An image of a completed timber decking tiles installation
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All our timber boast the following:

  •  ultra-hard and dense
  •  long-lasting
  •  resistant to moisture ingress and rotting
  •  smooth grains that are unlikely to splinter or scratch on the surface
  •  resistant to insect and mildew damage
  •  strong and weight bearing

We supply two types of timber tile, Ipe and Cumaru, sourced from South America and chosen for their beauty and durability: 

  • extremely tough
  • will not absorb water, rot or become covered with fungus or mildew so ideal for British weather!
  • manufactured to the highest quality – the timber is kiln-dried with the tiles fixed together using rust-proof screws – with planking on the underside to reinforce the tile – they are then treated with natural oil lacquer. 

Current species:

Ipe (Brazil) is one of the toughest most durable woods available.

It has a greenish brown appearance and because of its tight grain is recognised for its high resistance to mildew, termites and rotting. It is very low maintenance and is used extensively in marine and exterior construction due to its resistance to water. It dries very well and becomes extremely hard, which means it has to be pre-drilled and cut with a mechanical saw. It carries a Class A fire rating and will last well over 25 years. It is nicknamed “ironwood”.

An image of a Ipe hardwood decking tile

Cumaru (Brazil) is another hardwearing timber.

It is similar to ipe but has a rich chestnut colour. It has very good strength and rot-resistant properties. Ideal for clients who favour a lighter-coloured wood finish.

An image of a Cumuru hardwood decking tile

We are able to source other timber styles as non-stock items including:

  • Green Heart, a very tough moisture resistant timber from Surinam. It has a yellowish colour.
  • Garapa has slightly lower mechanical properties but still a long lasting, hard-wearing timber, slightly yellowish/beige in colour, which will last for over 15 years.
  • Other timber species available upon request
  • Ask us about FSC® Certified Timber

The timber can be cut into shapes to fit around details and corners in a similar way to concrete slabs, which helps to achieve clean finishes to the edges of terraces. Light fittings can also be fitted into the tiles creating a very attractive mood and look.

Wallbarn selects superior timber so the grain is smooth and uniform, making sawing and drilling straightforward. However, due to the density of the timber, mechanical sawing and drilling is essential.

We recommend that carbide tipped saw blades are used when cutting the tiles. Saw blades will become blunt very quickly when working these types of timber. Wallbarn recommends pre-drilling all holes before screwing into the wood to avoid splitting.

Border planks are available in the same type of timber as the tiles. The edge of the tiled area can be secured by fixing the border planks to the sides of the tiles with screws. The tiles are held in place and prevented from moving, and the area is finished off neatly. The planks are available in a number of different sizes, with both square and rounded edges, depending on the client’s preference.

Wallbarn has a great deal of experience with roof deck finishes and support systems, and has supplied hardwood timber decking tiles for a wide variety of installations, from small roof terraces on domestic projects up to largescale walkways and public areas in a number of different species of timber. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we help you select the correct design and product.

Tech Data

Full technical data on the timber tiles available:

Botanical name Lapacho,  Tabebuia spp, Dipteryx odorata Apuleia leiocarpa Lauraceae, Ocotea rodiaei
Green Dry Green Dry Green Dry Green Dry Green
Density 960 kg/m3 994 kg/cm3 910 kg/m3 1,138 kg/cm3 670 kg/m3 830 kg/m3 970 kg/m3 833 kg/m3
Bending strength 1,579 kg/cm2 1,825 kg/cm2 1,357 kg/cm2 1,917 kg/cm2 956 kg/cm2 1,278 kg/cm2 1,427 kg/cm2 1,842 kg/cm2
Crushing strength (green) 1,825 kg/cm2 725 kg/cm2 1,917 kg/cm2 634 kg/cm2 380 kg/cm2 554 kg/cm2 380 kg/cm2 554 kg/cm2
Specific gravity 0.92 1.08 0.86 0.9 0.66 0.97 0.85 1
Hardness 1,671 kg 1,606 kg 740 kg 1,072 kg
Shearing strength 114 kg/cm2 129 kg/cm2 135kg/cm2 139 kg
Weight 994 kg/cm3 1,138 kg/cm3 835 kg/m3 1,030 kg/cm3
Radial shrinkage 6.60% 5% 4.40% 7.50%
Tangential shrinkage 8% 7.60% 8.50% 8.20%
Volumetric shrinkage 13.20% 12% 14% 17%
Colour Dark green to dark brown Chestnut honey colour to reddish brown Yellowish beige to yellowish brown Yellowish brown to olive colour
Texture Fine, tight grain Unstressed Fibrous Fine, smooth grain Fine, uniform grain
Durability Very hard, almost completely resistant to termites, fungus, marine attack and damp Resistant to fungal and marine attack, high resistance to decay Resistant to termites. Marine attack, fungi and decay Highly resistant to termites and decay fungi
Anticipated lifespan Over 25 years Over 20 years Up to 15 years Over 20 years
Size of tile 500 x 500mm 500 x 500mm 500 x 500mm 500 x 500mm
Thickness of tile 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Weight of tile 5.7kg 5kg 4kg 4.75kg
Sawing characteristics Regular but blunts machinery quickly due to extreme hardness Difficult, splits due to irregular grain Relatively easy Relatively easy with a straight grain but blunts machinery quickly due to hardness
Drilling characteristics Easy but  blunts machinery quickly due to extreme hardness Easy with defects, high quality drill bits required Easy but high quality drill bits required Easy with defects, high quality drill bits required
Finishing characteristics Good – smooth Good with minor defects Good – smooth Good – smooth
Drying characteristics Easy with little or no defects Easy with small defects Slow with little or no defects Slow with a risk of defects
Fire rating Class A High resistance High resistance Class A

Wallbarn has FSC® Chain of Custody certification and can supply FSC 100% certified timber.

This scheme aims to monitor and control the whole process of timber growing, so that all timber used is sourced from well managed forests.

All certified timber can be traced back to the well managed forest it was felled in. Every party, from the grower to the processor to the manufacturer of the tiles to the end user is tracked and audited to ensure that they have complied with the practices laid down by the FSC.

FSC® 100% Chain of Custody certified timber – number SGS-COC-007242

Only fully accredited members of the Forest Stewardship Council are given a number and can use the official FSC® logo against FSC® certified timber only. This timber is clearly distinguished and marked as separate from non-FSC timber and the mark can only be used with FSC® certified material.

If you are interested in sourcing FSC® certified timber tiles please contact your Wallbarn representative