M-TRAY® – the extensive green roof system in modular tray format from Wallbarn
See how simple it is to install our modular green roof system:

The problems associated with giant bags filled with sharp aggregate or sheet membranes blowing away in the wind are avoided using the Wallbarn M-Tray® system as they have all the necessary elements contained within them.

M-Tray® modules will be transported to site shrink-wrapped on pallets for easy, clean delivery. They can be craned safely onto the roof if necessary.

Each module is 500 x 500 x 100mm, so exactly 4 units make up one square metre.

Unpacking the pallets is a simple process. None of the contents will spill out and each module can be carried by one person without disruption.

A separation and filtration geotextile layer should be first installed onto the deck. This protects the waterproofing and prevents abrasive damage. Wallbarn can supply a 300gsm recycled fleece for this purpose.

Start from the middle of the green roof and work outwards towards the edges. Place a module down and then click the next into place. There are two connection points on two sides of each module. Once connected up on all four sides, the module will be fully secured.

The edges should be filled with a border of washed riverstones, in accordance with the GRO code of practice. Objects such as roof lights and cables should be surrounded with riverstones to prevent root invasion and act as a fire break.

An aluminium edge trim can be added at any exposed edges or where the stones need to held away from objects such as drainage outlets.

The modular sections mean detailing around objects is a simple process and clean lines are created. Hard landscaping sections such as paving and decking, mounted onto Wallbarn pedestals, can be added to the area to allow for regular access. As everything is suspended on top of the deck, drainage is uninterrupted.

Pop-up sprinklers or other features can be installed in conjunction with M-Tray® to further improve the landscaping. M-Tray® provides real landscape solutions and enhances rooftop living. 

Wallbarn can advise and assist on all aspects of scoping, installing and maintaining your green roof project.

Just pick up the phone, ask a question using our live chat facility on this site or via the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you next working day at the latest.