M-Tray® has been especially designed for the extensive green roof market. Please see our CAD section here.



The module measures 500 x 500 x 100mm. As four units make up exactly one square metre estimating is a far easier process.

There are fewer drainage holes than in previous versions to keep water within the green roof system for longer. This allows the plants to absorb more rainfall, increasing attenuation and delaying discharge into outlets.

The edges of the module do not have drainage holes in order to prevent the sedum dying back at the edges. Stronger plant growth at the edges creates a more seamless layer of vegetation when the modules are connected.

Four gently ridged hand grips are positioned to enable installers to carry each module easier.


The connecting brackets are designed to give a tight connection, with the minimum of a gap between each module. The joint is only 6mm so the plants will grow over it quickly, making it disappear in ultra-quick time (white units for illustrative purposes only – all M-Tray® units are supplied in black colour).

The corners of the modules are rounded and smooth, so no sharp edges (which might puncture the membrane beneath) are present. It also makes handling the trays easier and the edges can be mounted onto Wallbarn pedestals if additional height is required.


100mm aluminium edge trims and connectors fit neatly onto the sides of the modules. Fixings are designed to slot together neatly although they are not always necessary.

Wallbarn can advise and assist on all aspects of scoping, installing and maintaining your green roof project.

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