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The Benefits Of A Rail Pedestal System

May 11th, 2020

With the sustained move towards the use of porcelain tiles rather than concrete tiles, finding a suitable framework to lay the tiles onto has taken on increased importance.

By using a framework created from our pedestal rail system and laying the tiles using pedestals and rails, extra support will be provided to the structure.

Innovative New Modular Pedestal System

This new innovative modular system will allow you to lay ceramic planks, even long ones, with the minimum of effort allowing for aesthetic solutions which were not previously achievable with this new format.

Key Advantages

  • Creates lateral stability across the deck by reducing movement
  • Bespoke headpiece clips onto the profiled aluminium joist
  • Aluminium rail clicks securely onto Megapad pedestal
  • Timber decking can also fix directly into the rail for low height thresholds

Install Boards of Any Shape And Size

This new type of pedestal rail system is suitable to help install decking boards and stonewares or slabs made of stone and ceramics, of any shape and size.‎

However, the introduction of the pedestal rail system to the market ensures that outdoor raised floors can be created with boards and a mixed top finish.‎

Ideal for set-ups with large-sized stoneware tiles, the pedestals rail system provides stability and finishes that have not been thought of so far with ceramic stonewares.‎

Constructed from lightweight, resistant aluminium, together with the pedestals, it guarantees a capacity and solidity that cannot be compared to that without the joist.‎

The rail headpiece has integrated lugs to hold porcelain or other slabs/tiles. The headpiece can be slid along the rail to ensure a secure fit to the edges of the slabs/tiles.

The headpiece is available with 2mm or 4mm wide lugs. All lugs are 10mm high.

This system is ideal for ceramic planks, which are often very thin and can be supplied up to 1 metre in length.

The rail system not only gives greater stability across the paved area, but it also speeds up installation significantly.

Instead of having to measure each pedestal height when attempting to create a flat upper surface, installers can measure the pedestals at each end of the 2-metre long aluminium rail to get the level, then place the intermediate pedestals under the rail and wind them up until they “bite”.

Talk to a member of the team for more information and guidance on our rail system and range of support pedestals.

* Please note this Rail System will NOT WORK without purchasing Megapads or Minipads at the same time.

For more information about our pedestal rail system, please click here.