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    The largest green roof terrace in the Netherlands is in the making

    March 17th, 2021

    Amsterdam is currently working on a new park of 15 hectares, which is set to become its largest. It will consist of a green roof terrace on a newly constructed tunnel, linking two of the city’s existing green areas – the Nelson Mandelapark and the Central Park. Furthermore, the new green space is about to become the largest green roof terrace in the country.

    Turning Gaasperdammertunnelpark into a preferred place for leisure in the bustling city

    The park, currently “under construction”, with the temporary name of Gaasperdammertunnelpark after the tunnel it is located on, is approximately 2 kilometres long and 65 meters wide. Most of it has already been arranged and planted, but there are still 4 hectares to be developed, 8 park fields and 2 open spaces.

    This space will be used for hiking, sports, meeting, culture and even urban farming. The design suggests that there will be edible shrubs and trees, walking paths, playgrounds, and lounging areas.

    What is more, the residents of Amsterdam are invited to decide on the faith of this space, including its design and the name of the new park. Suggestions are accepted from 26 February to the end of April at tunnelpark@amsterdam.nl.

    The plans will be finalized around September so that the works could begin in late 2021 or early 2022. In the meantime, the soil will be adapted for the planting of plants and trees. Once the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure transfers the park to the City of Amsterdam (expected by the end of this year), the park will open to visitors.

    In Amsterdam, tunnels make wonderful green spaces

    The park is located on the roof of the Gaasperdammer tunnel, a land tunnel in Amsterdam Southeast that opened on 23 November 2020, as part of the widening of the A9 motorway. It is the longest land tunnel in the country, with 5 tubes and 11 lanes.

    Furthermore, Amsterdam will build a yet-unknown number of houses in the area of the tunnel, on the new park’s territory. These new residential area constructions, however, will not start before 2022.

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