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Why is it so good?


How does it work?

  • Click down boards simply using your feet
  • Double rail aluminium substructure clicks into adjustable pedestals without need for mechanical fixings
  • Boards extruded with grooves on the underside
  • Boards click into pre-installed, pre-spaced nylon clips
  • No need for top fixing, no need for hidden fixings
  • Self-aligning system drastically reduces errors

Check this How To video to see how easy it is to install

DURO 2.0

DURO 2.0

Our DURO 2.0 boards are a high performance, durable, solid composite decking board. See our choice of colours here.

DURO 2.0 is made from recycled rice husk, bamboo and virgin PVC provides and covered with a hard-wearing protective surface. It has a textured grain effect and can withstand heavy traffic in the long-term.

Unlike hollow composite boards, DURO 2.0 is densely packed, solid and uniform throughout. The textured upper surface has slip resistance qualities and movement is vastly reduced.

  • Solid composite material
  • Wood grain effect – available in four colours
  • Eco-Friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Splinter-free
  • Slip-resistant
  • Weatherproof & waterproof
  • Insect-resistant
  • Class B1 fire rated
Tropical Hardwood

Tropical Hardwood

FSC® Certified Timber

Wallbarn has Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certification and can supply FSC® 100% Chain of Custody certified timber – number SGS-COC-007242

  • All of our real wood species are of the highest quality and stability
  • All species are sourced following the most stringent sustainability protocols
  • They are available in lengths of 1200mm and 1800mm

We supply the following species of Tropical Hardwood boards:


Lapacho or Brazilian Walnut – a tropical hardwood originating from South America. Widely regarded as one of the best species of timber for decking.

Boards available in lengths of 1200mm and 1800mm and either 90mm wide or 140mm wide giving a great deal of flexibility.


Apuleialeiocarpa – is a tropical hardwood originating from South America. A golden-to-yellowish brown colour which darkens with age. The wood is fairly chatoyant, and appears to shift from dark to light colouring in different lighting angles.

Boards available in lengths of 1200mm and 1800mm and 140mm wide.

Etherno bamboo

Etherno bamboo

Etherno Bamboo is an engineered board produced from 100% bamboo. This ensures unrivalled sustainability, incredible strength and stability and an exceptional resistance to weathering.

  • The steam treatment process used turns bamboo into a super-hard, dark coloured, extremely attractive decking material
  • The thermic process actually makes it harder and denser than Ipe
  • Not always considered for decking, Etherno offers a completely different appearance and texture and is therefore quite unique
  • Boards available in lengths of 1,850mm

We have created a number of helpful How To videos providing guidance on unpacking, assembling and installing our decking products.

> How To Install EasyClick Boards


> See All How To Videos

EasyClick CAD Drawings

  • Easyclick Clip A
  • Easyclick Aluminium Understructure (CAD Detail A1)
  • Easyclick Duro Excellence Decking (Flat) (CAD Detail B1)
  • Easyclick Corner Profile (CAD Detail B3)
  • Easyclick Typical Assembly (Mechanically Fixed)
  • Easyclick Typical Assembly (onto Pedestal)

EasyChange CAD Drawings

  • EasyChange Aluminium Understructure (CAD Detail A1)
  • EasyChange Decking (Duro Excellence or Timber) (CAD Detail B1)
  • EasyChange Decking (Composite) (CAD Detail B2)
  • EasyChange Typical Assembly (onto Pedestal)
  • EasyChange Typical Assembly (Mechanically Fixed)

NBS Plus

BIM Library

We have a variety of accessories for iDecking including:

  • Step profile
  • Framing profile
  • iJack (board connectors)
  • Support pedestals
  • Aftercare products

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