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    The Decking Boards For Tomorrow, Today!

    August 12th, 2016

    Having a deck is amazing, especially when you are spending time in the sun in the summer. It is a great spot for children to play and to entertain guests. However, most decks are made from wood. This means that you have to power wash and cover it with a water sealant every one or two years. There is also the chance of splinters from wooden decks. There is however now an effective method of combating this – composite decking

    What is Composite Decking?

    Composite decking is an eco-friendly option for decking. Even though its formula is kept as a secret, as we stated earlier, the iDecking composite decking boards, known as DUROExcellence, has duro-coloursa main ingredient is Rice Husk; a by-product in the processing of rice. This husk, when blended together with virgin polymers, makes this an incredibly versatile, strong and durable material.

    Our composite decking comes in a number of beautiful earth-tones and wood colours that allow it to look like real wood.

    Composite decking comes in a board form ensuring that both the boards and tiles click together quickly, and can be switched out easily. Composite decking also has the option for you to use either anti-slip grooved surfaces or flat surfaces. This makes it great for both front and back decks.

    For an idea of the quality of a this composite decking, please take a moment to view the images below which highlight a recent installation:

    What are the Benefits of Composite Decking?

    While not getting splinters can be a huge benefit, it is not the only reason that composite decking is becoming very popular. For many people, the need for less maintenance is the biggest benefit. Composite decking only needs a good scrub to keep it clean and free from mould. Since the compositing decking is made from rice husk, it does not rot like plain wood, which makes it last a very long time.

    Depending on the company that you get the composite decking from will determine if it is fully made of recycled materials. Many brands use the plastics that come from items like shopping bags, and bottles. Most of the time, the wood is recycled from old pallets and wood mill waste. Many times, these objects would end up in the dump. However, as composite decking becomes more popular, less waste is heading to the dump.

    If you are looking to repair an old deck or planning to replace your whole deck, composite decking is a great option. The lower amount of maintenance is a huge benefit for many home owners. Composite decking is also great for option for children, as it can have anti-slip grooves, and there is no chance of getting a painful splinter. If you are looking for an easy way to use decking material, composite decking is the answer.

    For more on this amazing new addition to the Wallbarn product range, please visit the following page – http://idecking-uk.com/products/materials/duro-excellence