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    Did You Know That Green Roofs Can Be Installed Anywhere?

    June 17th, 2021

    Issues relating to accessibility and concerns relating to disruption during installation are common reasons for property owners assuming that the installation of a green roof may not be possible for their building. Particularly when it comes to retrofitting a green roof onto a rooftop area.

    However, thanks to the modular nature of the M-Tray®, we are able to provide a viable option for areas which are simply not suitable for other types of green roof installation.

    Moving bags of aggregate-based substrate onto rooftops is fraught with risk – the aggregate goes everywhere and as it is so granular, it can damage waterproofing membranes very easily. Sedum blankets are also supplied rolled up, so the plants get damaged during the transport and installation process.

    Due to their modular nature, the M-Tray® is particularly well suited to DIY installations on single storey flat roofs, garden storage areas and many other flat areas which can be utilised.

    Exactly 4 units per m² make estimating and installing much easier. M-Tray® modules are extremely easy to transport and deliver. They can also be used in areas where standard roll-out is not possible.

    ‘Finding’ Lost Spaces

    A recent project involved the transformation of a garden storage unit.

    From this…

    M-Tray Bin Store Install 1



    To this…

    Transforming An Open Flat Roof

    Another recent project involved an extension on a domestic property

    Being a wide extension overlooked by two different bedrooms, the owners were not keen on the idea of looking down on a bare rooftop.

    The homeowner wanted to save on contractor fees by installing the green roof himself. M-Trays® simply clip together meaning that no specialist roofing or landscaping expertise is required and offered the perfect solution.

    M-Tray - Project - Whitstable