When you start to think about green roof installation there are a few things which must be taken into account.

Whenever you are planning the design of your green roof, you need to think about a few details including:

  • The drainage system which will be used in the green roof: This is incredibly important and something which needs to be well thought out and designed before the work starts. It is important that the green roof allows free drainage, so the plants do not become waterlogged at any time. A well designed green roof can be a tremendous asset to a property with terrific insulation properties helping to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter which in turn helps to reduce heating and building cooling bills.

  • The purpose which the green roof must serve: This is another consideration to be taken at the design stage. Is it simply for environmental purposes or do you wish to create a space which you can really enjoy to the full?

  • What visual requirements do you have for your green roof? This is another major consideration to be thought through in the design stages. Green roofs are aesthetically pleasing and can really help to lift a neighbourhood so it is important to think about these issues in the beginning.

  • What is the level of required access? Although all green roofs need to have some access for maintenance purposes, some of them really are roof top gardens and there for the family to enjoy. You need to think about how much access will be needed when you start on your green roof design.

  • Light and wind – most sedum plants require direct sunlight or semi shaded conditions and will not survive long-term in very shaded areas. Areas of high wind or saline conditions will affect the type of plants, so care should be taken to ensure the species are suitable for the conditions.

  • What is the load of structure support? Every structure will have the maximum amount of weight it can support so this is extremely important to discover and work around. Remember to allow for snow loading and unseasonal rainfall in weight calculations, as the green roof could hold / absorb considerable additional weight during high precipitation.

  • What budget do you have? The creation of a green roof is initially more expensive than traditional roofing materials but there are many benefits to make up for it. The savings to the environment and on energy costs can be tremendous in time. The price you pay will largely depend upon the style of green roof you opt for.

  • Maintenance & irrigation – green roofs will require some maintenance at least twice a year, and during periods of very high temperatures and no rainfall irrigation is recommended. Try to allow these in the plans.

After answering all of these, questions you will have some idea of the best design for a green roof on your property. They are becoming increasingly popular and can provide a fabulous feature for your property just so long as you have thought things through properly.

An image of a completed green roof installation

What makes the M-Tray® unique?

Our M-Tray® has been specifically designed to make sedum roof installation quick and easy – with minimum disruption to the plants and the structure they are going onto – and to provide a seamless, verdant finish – an instant and sustainable green roof.

  • Deep cavities for healthy roots
  • Optimum drainage means stronger plants
  • Established vegetation at point of installation
  • 100mm deep substrate for the longevity of plant life
  • No sharp edges or mess, less risk to membrane
  • Click-together trays create seamless connection
  • Easy to transport and install
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