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iDecking Revolution

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iDecking Revolution

iDecking is an innovative decking system that uses an Aluminium rail substructure where the decking boards are fixed without the need for clips or screws.

Our patented systems EasyClick and EasyChange simplify and revolutionize all the traditions of installing systems used all over the world.

iDecking Revolution
iDecking Revolution

iDecking systems advantages:


iDecking does not require spacers, nails or screws, unlike traditional fastening systems and techniques, drastically reducing installation time and extending the product’s lifespan. Choosing iDecking allows you to enjoy walking on a totally clean, smooth deck surface.


Our extremely durable and resilient aluminium rail system and nylon clips provides greater strength and durability unlike the traditional wood substructure which is prone to chipping and rotting.


The unique design of the nylon clips of the iDecking systems avoid contact between the aluminium profile and the ground, allowing the substructure to be laid in any direction and letting the water flow away.


Save time! Save money !

iDecking systems are designed to speed up deck installation times – in most cases up to 5 times faster!

When customising the iDecking Revolution system, you first select the substructure:




Then you choose your decking board:

Duro Excellence
Tropical Hard Woods
Etherno Bamboo
Thermo Pine