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    Why Is Bamboo Elegance Decking Sustainable

    June 29th, 2023

    Bamboo Elegance is a premium quality, ultra-hard bamboo fibre decking material with a 25-year performance warranty. It has an attractive, aged grey appearance and superior UV resistance.

    Bamboo Elegance is manufactured with a patented heat treatment which produces a high density decking board. An additional process gives it an improved finish and exceptional hardness and dimensional stability.

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    Brushing, grey oiling and smoothing the bamboo fibres during the thermo production process and additional hardening techniques gives the deck boards a greyish, more natural look and a high performance with greater resistance to staining.

    It has superior resistance to weathering than standard thermo bamboo boards, is highly resistant to water absorption, has fire resistance of Euroclass B1 fire – Bf1-s1 (DIN EN 13501-1:2010).

    Bamboo Elegance is a truly sustainable decking product with low impact on the environment in terms of production and a far longer life span than timber decking materials.

    Why is Bamboo Elegance sustainable?

    It is made from fast growing bamboo, grass, not wood. The stems are not cut down but shorn down to the roots. Therefore, the bamboo remains alive and can grow back immediately after harvesting. Bamboo can grow up to 1 metre per day, so fully replenish extremely quickly. This means higher yield from a smaller jungle footprint and no deforestation making Bamboo Elegance an environmentally friendly raw material.

    Because Bamboo Elegance is a grass, not a wood, it is not included in the category of products regulated by UNI 11538-1.

    Bamboo Elegance is also rated as CO2 neutral and is available with FSC® certificate.

    Why is Bamboo Elegance so strong?

    Bamboo Elegance has an incredibly straight grain without knots so is unlikely to twist, shear or splinter over a prolonged period.

    Bamboo Elegance is part manufactured and becomes harder than tropical hardwoods through the thermo process. It is steamed, rather than being dried in a kiln, which removes moisture and sugars from the fibres. This removes bacteria and fungi activity within the fibres, making Bamboo Elegance denser, drier and more rot-proof than tropical hardwoods.

    The bamboo fibres are pressed and glued under heavy to produce a dense, super hard, stable decking board with a specific gravity of 1,200kg/m3. This means Bamboo Elegance has long term resistance to traffic damage, weathering and fading.

    Bamboo Elegance is rated “Very Durable – Class 1” for biological durability test EN350 / CEN/TS 15083-2, Class 0 for Blue Stain fungal resistance – test EN152 and Class 4 for use – test EN335.

    It has a higher mass density than almost all tropical hardwoods.

    Bamboo Elegance is suitable for domestic and commercial decking projects including areas subject to high levels of foot traffic. It is ideal for low environmental impact and sustainable projects.

    Board lengths are 1,850mm x 140mm wide.

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