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We sell a range of simple, durable, easy to install materials made to the best specifications.

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  • Green Roofs & Living Walls

    Green roofs and living walls are a great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space.

  • Adjustable Support Pads

    ASP adjustable support pads for paved areas where high, continual or minor changes to the height is required

  • Adjustable Supports For Timber Decking

    Hard wearing, durable polypropylene pads designed to support timber decking planks

  • Fixed Height Supports

    Fixed height support pads in a ring shape manufactured in recycled polypropylene or rubber offering cost effective solution to suspending paving slabs

  • Roof Outlets & Vents

    Roof outlets, drain connectors, aerators and vents to protect and waterproof drainage outlets and channels compatible with bituminous and synthetic waterproofing

  • Protecto-Drain

    Protecto-drain, high density polyethylene (HDPE) protection and drainage membranes

  • Green Roof Systems

    Low intensity sedum roof systems, easy-to-install modular systems and intensive roof gardens available

  • Protection & Membranes

    Sheets membranes designed to waterproof and protect concrete structures

  • Geotextiles

    Geotextile fabrics for drainage, filtration and soil stabilisation

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We have worked on hundreds of projects over the years and our products can be found in many major projects.

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  • Modular Green Roofing Installation

    With the increased publicity surrounding the installation of green roofing projects throughout the world gathering pace, we thought that now would be a great time to highlight the video which shows the work involved in the installation of a modular green roof system at the Radisson Blu hotel at Heathrow. For an exciting look at […]

  • Exciting Project

    New Zealand’s first six-star green rated building, the Geyser building takes its inspiration from the country’s thermally active geography and is built on sustainable design principles with a very original blend of horticultural innovation and aesthetics. Designed for Samson Corporation in Auckland’s Parnell, each of the sub-buildings is wrapped in a dynamic, semi-reflective white twin […]

  • 4th International Green Roof Congress

    Our friends over at http//www.greenroofs.com regularly take a close look at many of the amazing projects which come to life throughout the world and have just announced that the 4th International Green Roof Congress will be taking place in Istanbal, Turkey in early 2015. “Explore Nature on Rooftops” Under the motto “Explore nature on rooftops,” […]