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Project Description

iDecking installation – high-end residential project

Berkshire, UK

The client was looking to replace an old wooden walkway measuring 67metres in length as well as other decked areas.

The end client was quoted £20k to overhaul their existing wooden deck so sought out a less costly replacement.

One of their contractors recommended our iDecking system because of its low profile aluminium substructure and composite boards which require far less ongoing maintenance.

  • The installer removed all of the old decking to reveal the sub base
  • They then used Wallbarn’s heavy duty MegaPad pedestals to underpin the iDecking rail system
  • These were screwed to the concrete lintels before the aluminium under rails were screwed to the tops of the pedestals

With our proposed laying pattern, we remained faithful to the architect’s original design, drawing the eye down the length of the walkway. Using breaker boards also overcame any issues of expansion/contraction.

This job took decking contractor Decked just two weeks to complete and the client is delighted with the results.

Customer testimonial

We decided to choose iDecking for our 66 metre garden path because our current wood decking was expensive to maintain, hard to protect and always looked shabby. iDecking is the perfect solution because it will not deteriorate as wood does and cleaning and protecting it is cheap and easy. Its uniformity and straight lines are the ideal look for the contemporary, minimalist house it flanks. Also, its potential to stay new-looking for a very long time will mean years of enjoyment without ongoing expense.

The homeowner

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