Timber Support Pedestals – Tolworth (New!)

/Timber Support Pedestals – Tolworth (New!)
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Project Description

Timber Support Pedestals, Tolworth

Our client, City Walk Estates, were keen to use the Timber Support Pedestals at their project in Tolworth, South West London.

Their main challenge was not just the complex shape and pitch of the terrace but also the fact that the completion date was a mere 5 days away.

The deck was a refurb on the top floor of a block of flats, further complicated by limited access due to shops underneath.

We discussed the various heights and decided that two pads with an adjustment of 50mm should cover the fall: TD 50-70mm and the TD 65-100mm.

The installation was made slightly more difficult as the roof was a curved ‘L’ shape.

We were able to work out how many pads would be needed and delivered them the following morning.

This was particularly important as he had a team arriving from Yorkshire to commence the work that day.

The project went without a hitch or any further height pedestals being required.

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