ASP Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals

ASP adjustable support pads are designed for paving areas where very high clearance from the deck is required, or where continual and minor changes to the height is needed.

Plain stackable support pads can only be altered in height by doubling, tripling in size or by adding shims of a few millimetres.

For roofs built to falls where there are changes in levels by a very small or irregular amount, where there is a continuous fall over a large area, or where there are multiple and complicated changes in the fall and levels across the roof – then the ASP range of Adjustable Support Pads are the perfect tools.

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Wallbarn’s ASP adjustable support pads are ideal as the stems pieces can be wound up and down to create level paving, saving a great deal of time and labour.

ASP support pads are available from 35mm to 380mm high, and Wallbarn can also offer smaller adjustable supports at 22-30mm and 28-37mm in the form of our new Megapads.  Please see our Megapad page for more details.

ASP Adjustable Support Pads

More roof and balcony designs incorporate a completely flat upper surface in order to utilise them more effectively as leisure areas. More attractive paving with spirit-level-flat finishes can be achieved using a much larger variety of different stone and slab shapes using our ASP supports.

Wallbarn Support Pads

Useful, practical areas can be created on decks for leisure or services and maintenance which would have previously been left as exposed waterproofing membranes. Not only does this help protect potentially vulnerable areas, but it increases the yield of the building footprint.

Wallbarn ASP SupportSince this is a suspended system, the slabs can simply be lifted up should the roof deck need to be inspected for damage or leaks.

There is also the opportunity to hide unsightly objects such as cables, water pipes and drainage outlets underneath the paving slabs, which could be lifted even just to access items such as hidden electric points or water taps on a regular basis if required.

The rainwater runs between and under the slabs and can be collected in small water storage tanks placed in the cavity where roof gardens or planters are present. This helps the SUDS design concept (although this will lead to much greater weight on the roof of course).

Wallbarn Adjustable Support Pads

These robust support pads can withstand concentrated loads of 400kg each, and the 200mm diameter base plate allows the weight to be evenly spread to avoid point loading onto the deck beneath.

The supports are available in fixed heights of 25mm and 35mm, and in adjustable heights sizes ranging from 35mm up to220mm.

The support pads come in four parts: the base plate, a threaded stem, a nut fixing and the head plate complete with positioning lugs.The nut fixing is simply screwed onto the stem and rotated up or down to change the height. In this way very exact and irregular changes to the deck level can be achieved. The stems have a range of up to 35mm at each



Paving directly up to the wall and around corners is easy. Installers have two options:

Option 1

The 150mm diameter base

Wallbarn supplies base plates with a smaller diameter which means when the area is paved tight up against the wall or parapet the slabs are not left overhanging the headpiece, giving greater stability. Whilst the headpiece has a diameter of 120mm, the baseplate is only 150mm in diameter which means that only a very small amount of the slab will be overhanging the headpiece

By either breaking off two of the positioning lugs or purchasing special two lugged headpieces, users can place two edges (rather than four) of the paving slab onto the headpiece and then butt the slabs right up to the wall or edge.

The two slabs up against the wall are sufficiently supported and the weight is still being drawn down through the centre of the baseplate and onto the deck in a consistent manner. This creates a neat finish and adequately supports the slabs.

Option 2

Paving up to walls and around corners and particular details can be achieved with two additional steps:

1.  Cut the base plate with a saw into a semi-circle shape, taking care not to cut into the central core which
houses the stem. Slide the base plate up to the wall or parapet.

Remove two of the positioning lugs so that the support can be slid beneath the inside edge of the slab. The
paving slab will sit on the support with its edge supported by half of the headpiece, and be butted up to the
wall. The outer edge of the headpiece will be in line with the (now cut) base plate.

3. Lay support pads into the corners of the slabs as normal and pave out from the wall, adjusting the heights
where necessary.

Alternatively a border edge of washed pebbles can be installed around the edge of the paving up to the wall or parapet. This is a design favoured by many installers and can be useful around details where direct access is to be discouraged, such as delicate plant or exposed ledges.


And with the new base level slope corrector, contractors can be assured of completely flat, stable paving.

These wedge shaped levellers clip into the base plate and ensure the slabs do not rock or tilt as the slope is corrected at the bottom, so the force of gravity is still going directly vertical. Therefore the top of the pad is totally flat. This eliminates the often time consuming process of snapping levelling shims into quadrants and trying to get the levels correct.

They are available in 3 sizes;

1% (1 in 100 slope , 0.57 °) ;
2% (1 in 50 slope, 1.11 °)
3% (1 in 33 slope , 1.71 °) Please note these slope correctors are available for support pads 50-70mm and higher


Wallbarn can supply a number of headpieces for the ASP range, including:

Also available are lugs for timber joist, used for fixing suspended timber decking. Please see our page marked support pads for timber decking for further details.



A 2.5mm rubber shim can also be placed on top of these support pads for acoustic insulation.

This may be required to cut down noise and vibration.



ASP EXT RANGEWe have designed a new extension shank measuring 145mm high which can be fitted into the baseplate of the ASP support to increase the height up to a maximum of 365mm. This new extension can be applied to supports of 65mm and higher, but they allow installers to continue using ASP supports to much larger heights

This extends the current range from 220mm at its highest up to 365mm, whilst still maintaining the weight tolerance and stability associated with Wallbarn ASP supports.

Please see the ASP – EXT page for further details.




ext-extraA further development is the EXT-EXTRA support. This pad has an extra-long threaded stem measuring 170mm in total, which allows a Wallbarn ASP support pad to range from 210 to 380mm, giving installers a huge range of height variation when laying slabs across very complicated deck areas.

This means customers can take a single product and be confident the whole area can be installed without having to order multiple sizes of units.

Again, further details are available on the ASP – EXT page.

Both ASP EXT and ASP EXT EXTRA supports can have slope correctors fitted to their bases, and can be used with standard bases or the new 150mm diameter base plates.

T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
MEGA 22 22-30mm Please see our Megapad page for further details
MEGA 28 28-37mm
ASP 25 F 25mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 35 F 35mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 35 35-50mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 50 50-70mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 65 65-100mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 95 95-130mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 125 125-160mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 155 155-190mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP 185 185-220mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP EXT 210 210-245mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP EXT 240 240-275mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP EXT 270 270-305mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP EXT 300 300-335mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP EXT 330 330-365mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
ASP EXT EXTRA 210-380mm 120mm 200mm 2.2mm, 4mm or 10mm 18.5mm or 10mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C


Slope correctors can be added to flat headed supports: